Please give me some advice

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  1. Hi everybody. I am so glad to find this forum.

    I just got a finance job and have to visit clients pretty often. I need a new bag. My friends suggested LV Passy GM to me. It looks very nice but I would like to have more options. Please give me some advice. Below are my requirements.
    - <$2,000
    - classsic
    - low keyed
    - big enough for a laptop and letter sized documents

    Many thanks.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. I always suggest the same designer, it seems...I would suggest a custom Jennifer Marvin (the website is a little empty, but you can find the contact information there) and get something no one else will have which is perfectly suited to your needs...with Hermes leathers and the best craftsmanship in France (she uses a Chanel Atilier), you can't go wrong and can keep it for your entire career...and, I think you can come in under 2K depending on your requirements...=)
  3. Welcome, Castile. I've read a few posts from posters who've used the YSL Muse as their laptop bag - it looks great. :biggrin:
  4. Castile, I use a Mulberry Bayswater as a work bag and it fits papers and a small laptop. Its also made from very sturdy leather and will last you a long time.
  5. YSL Muse in XL
    Black and Oak are currently on pre-order at, you can use promotion code SHOPMAY for extra 10% off.

    (info & pic from
    Yves Saint Laurent Muse Oversized Zip Top Bag - $1295
    Buffalo leather with topstitching and matte goldtone hardware.
    Top zip closure
    Double shoulder straps, 7" drop
    Inside zip pocket and cell phone holder
    Functional key lock
    Satin lining
    13"H X 17"L X 4"W
  6. Well I don't know how big your laptop is, you may want a separate laptop case. Mine is tiny and actually fits in many of my purses - its too small for a regular case. As for purses I would go with Chanel, even if its a little more. Its classic and recognizable - the Muse isn't as easily identifiable.
  7. Bag.lover, thanks for the useful info on promotional code for the Muse (even though I won't be using it). Not the first time you've given such useful information btw ...

    Anyone bought a David & Scotti before?

    I like the look of this:

    David & Scotti Drawstring Tote

    Bag Dimensions: L15" x H17" x W6.5”
  8. Thank you so much for your suggestions. This is such a nice and friendly community.:heart:

    I will choose among your suggestions. The good news is my mom is going to Milan and Paris next week. I think she can get a better deal there. :biggrin:
  9. Maybe the chloe Edith in the large size would be just what you are looking for, its a great looking bag but easily would fit a laptop :smile:
    This is a picture of my medium sized one, but the larger one would be just perfect for your needs.
  10. Milan & Paris? Well, Castile, your mum will definitely be able to find something great there! :biggrin:

    In case there are people out there looking for cheaper work options (way under $2,000), how about this Almas bag?
    Almas Zita Large Duffel $263

    I love reading product descriptions like lunaboston's description of the above bag:

    Zita Large Duffel
    by Almas</B> [​IMG]
    This item is in stock and will ship today if ordered by 2 PM EST

    Note: Limited quantities available

    We're not sure that there's a better duffel out there! Whether you tote a lot for everyday or need somewhere to stow it all when you travel - or both - this duffel is a great addition to any wardrobe. Classic shape and leather that will wear in well mean that you'll be carrying this one for many years to come. Top zipped closure reinforced with sliding matt silver buckle strap. Two front flap pockets with sliding matte silver buckle straps. Over the shoulder tube straps. Interior is in olive grosgrain lining with zipped pocket and cell phone holder. Bag measures 16"w x 12"h x 6.5"d.

    Color: Maize

  11. Thank you all for your suggestions. :heart:

    I finally decided to get a LV Kasbek PM for my new job. Thank you Fopduck. This is exactly what I am looking for. I think Passy is too "LV" to carry to wrok.

    Alexandrainparis, I will pass Ms. Marvin-Letourneux's phone number to my friends who want something unusual.
  12. That is a very nice choice, Castile.