Please give me guidance

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  1. Please give me guidance! Or share your experience on how to decide what to get?

    As my trip to Europe is coming close, I get more confused. I plan to get a bag or two but have not been able to set my priorities.
    I want one with gold hardware for sure because it is hard to come by in Asia.

    Birkins and HACs are not on my list.

    The “Ode to the Bolide” thread has made me want a Bolide. Shouldn’t every Hermes lover own one?

    I love Kellys. Got a chocolate 32 Kelly and would love to get another. It will be so wonderful if I see a gold on gold kelly or one in box:nuts:.

    One of the clutches would be great for evening occasions.

    I have the Victoria tote and have been using it most but the new ones with zippers seem very practical too. Are they too similar?

    Thank in advance!:p
  2. Since you love Kellys, perhaps aim for your dream and try to get that gold on gold box Kelly.
  3. This group is, um, better for figuring out MORE things to get rather than narrowing down! Enablers one and all!

    I think the kelly is so classic and beautiful you should at least consider trying one on. From what you said, that sounds like it should be your first choice.

    The bolide is wonderful, but with Hermes, the important thing is for your heart to sing! Good luck, we'll be waiting anxiously to see what you got!
  4. P - you need a Bolide - you will LOVE it!
  5. In my opinion they are very different, at least if you are asking about what I believe to be called a 35cm Victoria Fourre Tout? I am referring to the one that lucky Duna has (and for which I am searching!). To me that is the most versatile and practical bag Hermes has introduced in a very long time, and I can't wait to get my hands on one! Shoulder straps, "under the radar", a little less pricey than most H bags, but still a gorgeous example of amazing craftsmanship--what more could you want?

    But back to your original question, I would say that while we all love to plan and plan and plan...sometimes we just find THE bag staring right at us when we least expect it! Since you aren't exactly sure what you want to get next, my vote is to wait until you hit the boutiques in Europe and see what calls out to you. It may be a Kelly, it may be a Bolide, it may be a Victoria FT, or something totally different! I have no doubt that you will know it when you see it though :smile: Have a wonderful trip!
  6. Another vote for the gold kelly with GHW! :love:
  7. Rose, Lvrjrt, GF, Cynthia and Princessfrog, thanks for your input!
  8. K, its just too many bags, too little money.

    I will definitely give Bolide a try. Can yours hold as much as a 32 Kelly?
  9. My Peko, why not just walk into H, close your eyes and listen carefully to which bag sings to you! Then open your eyes, figure out which bag it was and bring it home!
  10. Yes I will Sue;). My worry is they all sing to me:wtf:.
  11. The Bolide holds even MORE than the 32cm Kelly IMO. It's a great bag!!!!

    I always say though that if you get a chance to shop at the Mothership, you should try like mad for a Kelly!!!!!
  12. KELLY!

    But also keep an open mind and see which bag you fall in love with most!
  13. If it were my decision I would look for a Kelly (gold is fabulous) and probably a clutch.
    But I agree that sometimes your best laid plans just have to set aside when you see what is in front of you.

  14. Gets my vote too!!! And if you can, get a bolide as well!!!
  15. In Paris I think I'd set my sights on a Kelly since some of your other choices would be easier to locate elsewhere.

    Gold on gold Kelly specifically would be the perfect one to shoot for! Then just wait and see if anything else hits you in the heart while you're there.