Please give me back my bag, that's not a display model" moments


Aug 11, 2011
So I wanted to start a thread on those awkward "could you please give me back MY bag, that's not a display model" moments you have when you are shopping.

I find these stories hilarious (well I found my stories hilarious but that's because I am an Australian and we laugh at most things)...

Awkward stop-touching-my-bag moment #1:

We were in LV in Sydney in December and were looking at some of the men's range for my DH. I had my Vernis Alma Amarante with me and had put it on the desk where you order Mon Monogram while we waited for the SA to return with my DH's item.

I turned away from my bag figuring that because it had a bottle of water poking out of it & a shopping bag with it, it was probably okay to turn my back on it for a second whilst I put back a men's toiletry pouch I picked up.

I really only had my back turned for about 7 seconds when I heard my DH exclaim quite loudly, "Err ahem, excuse me? Could you please bring back my wife's handbag, it has her house keys, iPad, lip gloss & tissues in it & I know she'll need those later"

Another shopper had picked it up and walked over to a mirror to see what it looked like whilst she was holding it. I thought it was hilarious & understandable given we were in LV, however my DH was not amused (probably because his phone was in it). I might point out, in the bag, were quite a few other things making it extremely heavy - but it didn't seem to bother the other lady.

Anyway I thought it was a fairly funny moment, especially because my DH felt that my tissues rated a mention over his phone.

Awkward stop-touching-my-bag moment #2:

This one is the story that I get the giggles with every time I think about it. We were in the Crocs store (yeah yeah, the UGLIEST shoe in the world, but DH really wanted to try on the new canvas sneaker range, & when you're 6'6 I'm pretty sure you can get away with anything, no-one's looking at your feet)

I left my bag (the same bag as above) on the seat next to where my DH was sitting down, trying on shoes. I moved it there because there was a hyped up sugar filled child (he was carrying a large bottle of Coke) zooming around the store and I didn't want him to trip on my bag (okay truth be told, I didn't want my bag to suffer the effects of a hyped-up-open-bottle-of-coke-wielding child).

I was looking at some shoes (okay so maybe I may have tried on a couple of pairs whilst I was waiting... shutuptheyarereallycomfortableandyesIknowtheyaresuperuglyshoosh :blah:

I looked up from my comfortableyetsoveryunprettyshoes to see a woman pick my bag up (not by the handles, but by squeezing the opening together) :shocked:

She started to walk to a mirror so I step towards her quite quickly and quietly said to her "sorry, but that's my bag." She looked around at the store and after I said "I don't think Crocs sells these here", she gave it back to me (weird) She looked at me like I was crazy and said in a slight 'put out' tone "well, where do they sell them?"

Now I didn't want to make an awkward moment any worse, so I just politely said, "you can buy them in the city at Louis Vuitton. They come in quite a few different colours too"

Her mouth kinda opened and closed like a goldfish and then her brain caught up to her mouth and she said "well okay then" and walked over to a different rack of shoes. My DH was trying really hard not to laugh and I had to elbow him quite hard (possibly in the face cause I was standing) to stop him from exploding in a fit of not very manly giggles.

Now you can't really blame her for not knowing the brand of bag, but seriously - it was right next to my DH and clearly had a bottle of water visible when she picked it up. Added to the fact that we were in a Crocs store... it was just a really funny yet awkward stop-touching-my-bag moment.

So I ask you, does anyone else have any awkward-stop-touching-my-bag moments?
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Mar 1, 2012
Someone almost picked up my Birkin at the Gold Coast LV. She stopped herself when she realised. I had a mini heart attack!


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
LOL. Love your stories. I never put my bag down in LV if it's busy, I always keep it on me (I'm usually carrying one that can be worn on the shoulder anyway). I imagine this must've happened to lots of people though. How embarrassing for the person doing the picking-up! :lol:


Jun 16, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Happened to my wife's alma bb once when she put it on the counter while she tried on bag. Some Japanese or Chinese tourist were pointing and discussing her bag at the point when one of them start to reach for the bag the SA stopped them. Akward!!! But quite a compliment because it was the time after they released the bb and it was out of stock for quite sometime so even the store didnt have it in stock.


Feb 24, 2009
haha your stories are funny.. you need to keep that bag on a tight leash or watch it better :smile:


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
Oh man that is hilarious!!! Made my day... Love the Aussie humor!! Well I don't really have any, but I do have stories of my tripping up the stairs and down the stairs at numerous LV and other designer stores though... Not sure if you want to hear them, but the stairs ain't comfy to trip on!

Love your desciption of Crocs... Still I will not try them on...


Nov 3, 2009
Ahahah I love they way you told us these stories. You remind me of Becky from I love shopping. :smile: It never happened to me but whenever I step into LV, the SA tells me not to leave my bag unattended. I guess they have good reasons...


Feb 22, 2012
I went to a consignment shop a couple of weeks ago with DBF to do some post Christmas shopping when we spotted a burberry scarf (which I have been coveting for some time now) so me and DBF went to find the price. We were lifting it up searching all over for a tag when another lady turned around and said o I'm sorry that's my coat and scarf. Me and DBF were mortified! Lol but she had hung her coat up on the rack with all the other clothes so how were we supposed to know


Oct 23, 2012
Oh i have one, early this month i was at the LV store looking at some SLG's, i put my speedy b de on top of the glass cabinet, the SA took my speedy B to put it on the display, i said: 'Hey! sorry but that's mine.' :smile: and the SA apologized when he realized it was heavy. :smile:
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May 19, 2012
I looked up from my comfortableyetsoveryunprettyshoes to see a woman pick my bag up (not by the handles, but by squeezing the opening together) :shocked:

I made the same face as the smiley when I read what she did to your bag. :shocked: