Please give me an opinion on these (purple heels).....

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  1. A pointy toed mule is most certainly not a classic. I think the combination looks awkward and a bit matronly.
  2. The toes are too pointy for my taste, sorry.
  3. Do you love them, or just kind of like them? Will they work with your personal style - trendy, vintage, classic, etc.? If you love them and will kick yourself for not getting them, then go for it. If you are only lukewarm about them, there will be other purple shoes, just check out any 'by color' search on Zapppos. Endless, etc to remind yourself that it's ok to wait for one you do swoon over.
  4. I have a pair of Manolo mules that's pretty much the same style. They're so comfortable and practical and I wear them with jeans all the time. I personally really like the purple snakeskin, so I think you should get them.
  5. I think the toebox is too long. Sorry.
  6. I think they are adorable!!!
  7. I personally dont really like them - bit dated IMO. But if you love them, then you should have them
  8. I think they're funky - so if funky is your style, I would get them :yes:
  9. Ok, I am the only person that likes them.
  10. I like them also^^^you are not alone!!!
  11. They are soooooooooo dated, IMO. Most definitely not a classic.

    But if they work for you and your style, get them despite our comments.
  12. witch shoes.
  13. the front of the shoe is too long, can make your feet look bigger than they are...the color is just ok. overall, not a fan.
  14. Love them. Not dated at all I think they are def. classic. And styling :yes: