Please give me an advice on Hermes vibrato

  1. Hi, guys...I have such a dilemma... Does anyone know if Hermes is really going to stop making vibrato leather? As you guys know, I have two vibrato Birkins in 35cm. I am thinking about selling one since I don't think I will use it. BUT if Hermes is going to STOP making vibrato leathers, I think it is worth keeping it and pass to my daughter or something. I love the look of cyclamen with orange vibrato, but I just don't think I will ever use it. So, I am thinking of selling it since it is on brand new condition. Guys does anyone know a story of Hermes making vibrato is/will be stopped is true or it is just a rumor? Should I keep it? Oh, it drives me nuts!:hrmm:
  2. I've been wanting to know the status of vibrato too, as I just adore it. Please give me a heads up if you're thinking of parting with your bag.
  3. I don't really like the vibrato. So I can't say much.

    If you really love it, and would tear into pieces without it, keep it! If you don't, then sell it!
  4. Well, you have two.....hmmmmm. I think if it were me I'd sell the one that I really don't like and keep the one I love to hand down to my daughter (and then hope she likes the thing!.....):biggrin:

    THEN, with the money you get for selling the one you don't want, buy another H bag!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. I totally agree with shopmom411's idea. I assume that Hermes will continue to produce vibrato leathers because it is a history....Hermes will never remove its history.

    By selling one and with the money you have, you can buy a new birkin.

    It's time to get a NEW one..... :yes:
  6. The vibrato will not be discontinued as of now. I spoke with the Hermes product manager the other day and she said they will keep on producing it but the availibility of certain colors will be limited.

    I wouldn't part with it because the color combination that you have is so rare and hard to come by these days. I've only see chocolat, rouge h, and indigo vibrato these days. But then again, if you are really iffy about it, maybe you should sell it and purchase something you'll keep forever like what shopmom and rochasgirl are saying :smile:
  7. Thank you for sweet advice guys!