Please give me all the info you can on leather!

  1. I would love to know as much as I can about all the different leathers.....the only ones I am quite familliar with are the Box Calf, and P.Croc..........but I'm desperate to educate myself on the others.......please tell me as much as you can (grain, weight, durability, feel your preferences etc) so I can make an informed choice!

  2. ok i try my best.

    togo - grained leather, holds its shape quite well a bit stiff not very scratch prone a little glow

    clemence - more matte then togo a flatter grained very buttery soft so it slouches more (it looks abit like ironed togo)

    epsom - stiff textured leather (kind to be compared to vuittongs taiga)has awonderfull sheen to it but to some it appears plasticy colours are way darker on this leather very scratchresistant

    fjord - very heavy bull leather very textured but also sturd and nearly waterproof it looks a bit masculine

    chevre de coromandel- goatl leather with a shiny finish very exotic looking due to the spine soft lightweight scratchresistant durable

    chevre mysore - amore matte goat leather where the spine is less durable

    box - classic shiny boxcalf leather prone to scratches but ages wonderfully and gets a gorgeous patina (i love kelly in that material) very classic looking

    chamonix - a variation of boxleather but matte looking

    Barenia (discontinued) - a classic saddle calf leather

    ostrich - the lightest leather of them all very durable no problem with water get softer while the years go by but still holds its shape no problem with water ages wonderfully

    lizard - a very exotic looking leather if ordered in glazed it sparkles like diamond encrusted due to the small scales. can not handle water at all ages well but there is the possibility that the scales lift so take good care of it

    porosus croc : the queen of the crocs very even and small scale pattern can not handle water well due to the glazing but really makes colours pop ages but colours appear darker on it ages gracefully

    niloticus croc- a more "wild" looking crocscale pattern colours tend to look really vibrant on it a tad cheaper than porosus and it is just apersonal taste thing which croc pattern you love more

    oy thats it for now if i have missed somethin i will add later or to the wonderful ladies around feel free to add :flowers:
  3. Lilach - that's exactly what I are a GEM!!!!!:smile: :flowers:
  4. Lilach, I just copied/pasted your info. into our sticky. I hope you don't mind. I credited you as the source. Thought it would be good to add it there for permanent referece.

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  5. wow lilach that was super informative :cool:
  6. lilach that's awesome!
  7. lilach, your reference is superb!! I'm printing this and plan to insert it into my Hermes catalog. Thank you so much.

    KristieF. I have no doubt you will now be able to make an informed decision... sounds exciting... not as exciting as giving birth... but it comes really really close!
  8. YOu rock Lilach! That was incredibly helpful!!!!
  9. Not as exciting, but much less painful~!;)
  10. thanks.
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  12. How bout, veau swift (new leather)? And has anyone ever seen a description of HW as "nickele d" on a birkin or kelly? I did, and I was like what is that?
  13. Joanna's orange Kelly 28 is Swift. This is soft and squishy and not nearly as much texture as Togo or Clemence.

    Nickel HW may be referring to brushed palladium. To me, it looks the same as satin nickel.
  14. can we elaborate on fjord? i've never heard it mentioned with togo and clemence, but it seems so similar. how is it different? theITbag just got a kelly in fjord and it's the first time i've really seen the leather up close - looks so much like clemence. i like it very much - any info/knowledge would be so appreciated. and lilach - you went above and beyond on this post. wow!
  15. This is a very informative post. Thanks! I have a question. Out of these three - togo, clemence, fjord - which one is the heaviest?