please give me advise on where to go in London

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  1. Hi ladies, i have recently moved to London and have no idea where the good beauty salons are or the best places to cut my hair!

    I live in noth west area and working in the city, so something pretty close would be nice. But i dont mind traveling either...

    do you know any good places?
  2. Vince at Smith's Salons on Poland Street (just off Oxford St) is lovely; he's been cutting my hair for more years than I care to remember! Prices are reasonable; can't say how much for a cut as it kind of gets swallowed up by the colouring cost now, lol!
    I used to dread going to the hairdressers more than the dentist, as it was never quite what I wanted and would require a week of 'playing' with until I was happy, whatever Vince does, however, seems great! I hope this doesn't mean I won't be able to get in now that I've posted this!!

    There are quite a few salons around that area, maybe take a walk around and see if any of them appeal to you.
  3. Thank you so very very much! I work very close by so that is just great! :yahoo: Im gonna go there tomorrow and check out the place before i book anything! ;)
  4. There are a few more 'glamorous' salons around the corner (at least one on Gt Marlborough St), but all the staff in Smiths are great!