please give me advise on what to pack


Feb 4, 2006
Hong Kong
well.. 1.5 weeks before my move to Aussie.. I am packaging...

I am planning to take 20kg luggage there with me for me to survive on first 1-2 month before my belongings arrive by ship.

For the shipping, I organised 1.5 cubic meter as this is the minium size they can do... Now My I am going to pack
- clothing
- some filing or stationary
- some kitchenware
- some random stuff

I found... I might be packing too much.. I will be taking some basic clothing and cosmetics with me on the luggage.. as I will be start working in 2 weeks after my arrival.

I so far packed 7 box of clothes... I am the type of person that want to keep everything ( even 50% of them i havent touch for almost a few yrs??) I just purchased 2 box of clothes from my last trip which i am 100% positive to bring them over.. how about those old clothes.. what is your advise?

also for the shoes, i have around 20 pairs of expensive shoes like prada, Gucci, D&G .... will 20 pairs be too much??


Apr 18, 2006
20 expensive shoes for two months? I think that is too much since shoes take a lot of space. I would pack about 10 - 12 pairs, including dressy and casual for weekday and weekend both. Since weather might will be getting cold in May (you are going to Australia, right?), you need to bring some fall/winter clothes which will take quite some spaces. Bring old clothes? I would, since I already know how to match them so I could put them on quickly. I probably will mix new and old clothes (60% & 40%) to survive the two months while waiting for the rest to arrive.

This move must be very exciting. Congratulation!


Feb 4, 2006
Hong Kong
thanks for your reply

I am only going to take around 2-3 pairs of shoes with my luggage and ship the rest ( around 15 pairs by sea)..

for the handbag I have the following:
3 birkin
7 chanel ( reporter, 2 x reissue, lux bowler, diamond stitched tote , 2 other flap)
YSL double bag
Balenciaga work bag
LV manhattan

i am only going to take 2-3 with me this time.. which one will be good to take?

I am going to take 1 flap..


Hey ChloeSS... we're in the same boat - I leave for Australia again in 2 and a half weeks! Have done this moving between countries and cities thing a few times though, so here's my 2c...

- You're right about the shoes. I pack two pairs for work, wear a pair of runners / casual sneakers on the plane and pack two pairs of flat shoes. I realise this is five pairs, but I have to do about three months before I'm reunited with my stuff.

- Bags: I take my most expensive three. One on the plane, two in my luggage. The rest are sent separately. It's helpful that my most expensive ones are also the most versatile!

- Clothes: Three suits that have a skirt AND pants, five knit tops (to wear under the suits), three tshirts, two jumpers and a pair of jeans and a denim skirt, plus an assortment of singlets (about four) to layer as you need to cover yourself for all weather! I also take two coats: a trans-seasonal one and a heavy winter one, plus two scarves.

- Cosmetics / toiletries: Use up everything you possibly can before you leave and try to avoid taking things like shampoo/conditioner, eye makeup remover, etc. with you.

- Don't take kitchen stuff with you, it'll eat up your 20kg limit quicker than quick!

- Take a few things from around your house to put in your new house to make your new location feel a bit more familiar. My items of choice are usually pictures and photos as they're light and flat. I also have this ugly thing my fiance hates which I call 'kitchen cat' - it's a stuffed toy thing that looks like it's a few crayons short of a box which lives in the kitchen. He comes with me for every move!

Anyway, you'll be very, very surprised how quickly you'll use up that 20kgs. Good luck!


and BAGS
Apr 8, 2007
r you talking about those are r for sure going, not junkie?
i always throw away TONS of clothes among other things when i REALLY clean up my house OR moving.
then, think about what will you need.
for example, you exercise everyday, def. bring sport clothes, then pick the best out of them. know what i mean?
about handbag, since they are such a high value, 3 Hermes for sure. then other stuffs, if you have more space,pack more handbags in.