Please give me a nudge in the right direction...

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  1. Get the shoes, blow off the sale.

    The stuff will hit sale sooner or later..
  2. ^^ hehe :amuse:

    i didn't get anything worth mentioning at all. just some cheap tops and a jacket. i was trying to stay under my budget! i planned it out online the night before the sale and it was going to work out perfect. somewhere i went wrong... lol!

    now i think i'm just gonna wait and see if my size pops up on ebay.
  3. Grey suede, correct? Light or dark grey (there's a dark one, anthrcite, the boutiques had) 39.5? I'm on ebay every 2 seconds, I will look out for you.
  4. I'm late with this, but I think Laureen is right. The gray Declics went on sale in the boutiques. And something you might want to consider: the Declic 120s have been discontinued in production, so whatever's out there right now is all there is.