Please give me a nudge in the right direction...

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  1. ahhhh i'm so conflicted! :faint:

    ladies, i have a situation and i hope you all will understand. i'm a cl virgin and i've been eyeing the grey suede declics on ever since they popped up. i finally have the money to buy them but tomorrow is nord's anniversary sale and unfortunately i don't have the money for both.

    should i blow off the sale and get the shoes? or hit up the sale (i wouldn't spend THAT much) and just wait for my shoe fund to recooperate a bit? idk what to do. i'm a little hesistant to purchase the shoes just because i've never spent $700 on one item like this in my life, tbh. i just want the shoes so bad and i'm afraid that if i don't get them now, they'll be gone when i have the chance again! do you think they'll be around for awhile? trying to snag them on sale stresses me out, ha. i really want some new clothes for the fall which is why i'm giving this so much thought.

    opinions, please?
  2. What size are you? There are a few pairs on ebay right now for cheaper than retail. Also, I thought these went on sale in the boutiques? Maybe not. If you can get them for cheaper than retail, I would do it NOW. If you can only find them full price, it might be okay to wait a bit.
  3. ah, i know! i JUST saw those on ebay. i've been checking everday! unfortunately, not my size :sad: i need a 39.5 in these.

    i wish i could try them on in-store. it'd probably help in my decision making.

    thanks for the advice, laureen :smile:
  4. If you know what you want from Nordy's, I would buy there first b/c the sale is for a limited time only and you could buy the declics at full price next month or the following month when you fund recovers.
  5. very true. you are telling me what i know i should do :P but i'm soo impatient.

    i think i will go to the sale tomorrow, buy what i want, and if i still have the money to get the shoes, then i will. if i can control myself, i might wait a little longer to see if my size pops up on ebay since three pairs just magically popped up today.

    how do people wait to get these beautiful shoes that they're lusting over? i have a hard enough time waiting for my friend the ups man to deliver them!
  6. I would go to the sale. I'm sure they will pop up on Ebay, I found them in a 40 but I think they might be a little too big for you because I made that mistake - got them in 39 while I need a 38.5! I can make them work tho :blush:
  7. Check the sale first. Then, if there's nothing you like then you won't feel bad getting your declics!
  8. I would go to the sale also. It seems like the gray Declics have been pretty well in stock for a long time, so they'll probably be available later. And like others have said, they do pop up on ebay sometimes, so you may be able to get a better deal. It would be a good idea to try them on though if you can, so you can be sure to get the right size if they do pop up online somewhere. If they're not available in-store near you, there's lots of discussion on Declic sizing in the reference library sizing thread.
  9. thanks girls! i'm headed to nordstrom right now. hopefully it won't be packed as the nordstrom where i live is usually DEAD.

    i'll probably buy the shoes when i get home as i just came across a lil extra monay... :graucho:
  10. Have fun!! Hope you find some good goodies!:biggrin:
  11. Im late to the game, but my question would have been whether you NEED new fall clothes, or just WANT them? If you dont NEED clothes, I would buy the shoes because new shoes can spice up any older clothing styles that you have. If you really need clothes, then go to the sale and keep saving for the declics.
  12. Good luck!
  13. I agree with others, hit the sales first. The declics will still be there when the sales are over. You never know, size 39.5 might just pops up on ebay when you're not expecting. Have fun shopping and let us know what you score.
  14. well i got everything i wanted but i went a lil over my budget and now i'm gonna have to wait for another payment to be posted on my cc if i wanna get the shoes. hmph. it's pretty easy to max out your card when you only have a $1000 limit. >:sad:

    thanks everyone for your advice!
  15. Well, what did you get!?