Please give a Warm Choo Welcome to the Wonderful MICK!!!!!

  1. I have been pretty busy lately as I know all of you Choo girls are and I feel really bad that I have not given my Sweet Girlfriend "Mick" the proper introduction :shame:

    I met her over in another thread and she was so sweet & helpful right from the start, we immediately became great friends:yahoo:

    As a Chanel girl, she has finally decided to come and test the waters in :choochoo::choochoo: land and as she has mentioned in another post, she has already purchased a couple of AWESOME bags.

    I have tried to assist her with her entry into the Choo Land, but I am sure you all can give her much more feedback on some questions she may have about various styles, leathers and seasons. I am not one for seasons, if I like a bag I will carry it whether it is Spring or dead of Winter. I am also not real experienced with other designers, so your help will be most appreciated.

    I hope you will all make her feel like she's home:drinkup:

    So without further adeau....

    WELCOME MICK:welcome:
  2. i was about to head off to bed.....robyn knows i am a very early east coast riser and saw this and had to make one more post before bed.....thank you sweetie!!!:heart::shame:
    everyone has been lovely:love: and i look so forward to sharing my new goodies with you as soon as they arrive.:yahoo:
    i really have no idea why i did not realize my jimmy choo love sooner....:shrugs:love so many bags, accessories, shoes.....:graucho:
    miss robyn has the patience of a saint bc i really must have asked her every question under the sun!
    thank you , thank you and thank you my friend!:flowers:

    hey, when i come to visit, can i use the new bathroom? bc man is that super:supacool:!!!
  3. Hi Mick! Welcome to Choo Land:tender:
    This is such a friendly forum. I can't wait to see your new goodies. Robyn hooked me up with her SA Casey when I was dying for the burgundy Radiant. I have met some really nice buddies here soooo jump on the train!
  4. Hi (waving back and forth) and welcome!! I just have one JC bag but live vicariously through all these fabulously fashionable and lovely ladies here!!
  5. Sure Mick but I must warn you, I do NOT have the one of a kind Choo Throne like Miss Samantha :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. Hi MICK,
    Welcome, I'm fairly new to this site also, BUT EVERYONE has been so warm and inviting. You are among friends!!
  7. Hi Mick! Can't wait to hear what all you fall in love with....with JC there is certainly much that you'll be lusting after! :girlsigh:
  8. Well hello Mick! I too am a JC newbie and am impatiently awaiting my first ever JC Riki bag! I can't wait!!

    I usually see you over on the Chanel board! Yea to the nice gals/guys on the JC train!!
  9. Welcome Mick,:flowers: I myself am a newbie in the land of Choo too. The girls here are fantastic! I just bought off eBay a.........:woohoo:PURPLE MAHALA! :woohoo:This is my first ever JC bag and the one I'm debating between getting an EB or this color. I'm looking forward to being part of this arena. The seller is one of the tpfers too. Will take a week's time to arrive my shore though. This shall be my last bag for year 2007 as I've promised my DH. Anyway, it's only few weeks from 2008!!!:p But he doesn't know how expensive this bag is!!!:graucho: Heck, let the gal have the bag first!!:upsidedown:
  10. :welcome:hello and welcome to the :choochoo:addiction.
  11. :choochoo: :choochoo: Welcome Mick! You've certainly been led into choo by the right person! Keep your camera ready, you'll be needing it to photograph all the fab bags you'll soon be lusting after and getting! :party:
  12. :welcome:Welcome Mick, I'm a newbie as well, the welcome here is the best. Only nice, very helpful and stylish ladies here:heart:. With a wicked sense of humour, I must add. And they're great enablers but at the same time honest in their opinions. You'll like it here.
  13. hi alouette! great minds think alike:graucho:...we both love chanel, and i am getting a riki too!:yes:

    slip--i am also getting a mahala...liquid patent plum...can't wait to see yours...congrats!:yahoo:

    jmcadon, bonniec, stinkerbelle,_bella_,riffraff---thank you for the warm welcome!:heart:

    tweezer and polaremil--welcome to both of you! :flowers:
    robyn--i may have to reconsider my visit:nuts:....... no royal jimmy choo throne?...:p

    have a great day all!:smile:
  14. ^ You're getting a Riki? I LOVE the Riki! I think all of us Choo girls should have a Riki, a Ramona, and a Ring! :tup: Although I'm sure there are many other enablers here who will talk you into many other "must have" styles as well! :choochoo:

    Anyway! Congratulations once again on your new love of Choo! :love:
  15. ^^thanks stinkerbelle.....a ring will def be in my future;)....and maybe a ramona too! :yes:
    i'm waiting to see what colors i like for spring and i'll then choose a bag in another style for spring/summer (than the riki or mahala)....sample as many styles as possible...:graucho:

    waiting for robyn to post her pics from casey......:whistle:.....j/k robyn, i know you're busy.:heart: