please forgive, two newbie questions

  1. Hi Hermes Ladies: I'm dipping my toes into your subforum and trying to educate myself by reading all of your informative reference stickies and drooling over the pics of your collections. Hope I'm not out of line by posing these two questions:

    (1) COLORS: I'm a bit overwhelmed by the variety on the color swatches. Which of the orange shades is considered the "quintessential" most-popular-of-all-time Hermes orange? What about the reds?

    (2) AVAILABILITY: Is it true that the days of multi-year waiting lists for Birkins is over? My understanding is that you sometimes can now go buy a Birkin off the shelf, if you're lucky and willing to take whatever they've got in stock????
  2. I will take a stab at this one and I am sure others will jump in.

    Based on what I have read on this forum I would say potiron is the hot orange right now. It is because it has a neutral appeal with the brown undertones that is has. It is not "in your face" like the true orange.

    As for red, if you consider rouge H a red I would say that it may be the most talked about red on here. Many feel it is a red that they can work with and that they feel comfortable with. I also think rouge garance has gained in popularity as well. Many other reds are loved, but when it comes down to making the big purchase I think people shy away from those lovely reds. As with any color it is really what you can personally handle and use in your daily life.

    Birkins on the shelf? Few and far between, BUT the ladies have been finding them one way or another, so it is not out of the question by any means.
  3. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated!

    So then based on your response, the most common way to obtain a Birkin is still through a long waiting list?
  4. I'll take question number 2 based on my experiences..

    I am currently waitlisted at Hermes Singapore and have been for 2 yrs. No such luck yet, the SA said my turn will come up (although she didnt say when :confused1: ). What she said was the wait could sometimes be up to 4 yrs. It doesnt help that I have only purchased small things in there. I've been offered a couple of kellys but none of them suited my taste so I didnt take them.

    A different story when I was on holiday to France. Scored 2 birkins just like that from 2 different stores (1 in the mothership store in Paris, 1 in Lyon).

    Hope this lil bit helps :flowers:
  5. Honestly, I am not a big believer that there really is a waitlist. I think you should visit your local store and start showing some interest in bags/accessories and whatever you enjoy. Once you feel you have a bit of a friendship with an SA I would start talking about your likes and dislikes.

    I feel he/she will keep you in mind and when bags come in they may just give you a call. I also feel the more you pop in the better off you may be because you will be on their mind.

    If you spend more time on the forum and meet people I also feel you will make some contacts and possibly find a way to locate your bag a bit quicker.

    It is not impossible to find your bag on a shelf, but the more specific you are it may be more difficult.
  6. ^^^Thanks. Sounds like it comes down to where you live and lotsa luck!
  7. I really appreciate the insider tips! Sounds like its time to get serious...
  8. I am by no means an expert and I would have to agree with KB that Potiron seems to be the "quintessential" orange color, more subdued than true orange. As well as Rouge H, a darker red (also depending on the type of leather) or Rouge VIF, a brighter red.

    A few of the ladies have seen Birkins on the shelf, but again like KB said, it is possible yet rare. Your best bet is to buy one from a recommended reseller (if you don't mind paying a premium, but resellers may be willing to work something out with you) if you want one right away or if you can wait, develop a relationship with an SA and then be put on the "list". HTH!

    Edited: It's true, go in often, SAs remember!
  9. Welcome cosmo! I have been on an Hermes roll so to speak, but personally for me, have started out with resellers and been soooo lucky and happy with that, thankfully!! The gals around here can help with making sure an item is authentic, which is a great thing!! I have no patience for waiting and when I want things, I want them now lol! I did manage to purchase one bag from a store through word of mouth (a fellow pf-er actually!) which makes it really fun as well. I did have an orange (potiron) birkin in the beginning but did sell it to acquire a different color as for me, it didn't go as well with my wardrobe...but it is a GREAT and fun color! It's just that they all are lol!
  10. Welcome to Hermes, cosmo..

    With all being said.. i have only one thing to add regarding waiting list.. i think no matter how long u waited, SAs usually give away bags to their well known customers.. i don't believe in a waiting list!

    Also.. i think the best way to get a birkin is to visit Hermes boutique as often as possible.. once SA is convinced you are on a hunt for a birkin.. your chances are more to get one.
  11. 1. I agree that Potiron is an easy orange to wear. for reds, most ladies here like Rouge H and Rouge Vif. I think there's a few with Vermillion and Garance as well. (LOL... putting in a plug for my dream rouge H!!)

    2. I think the Birkin thing is just luck - DH went in to try and get me on a list for my dream Birkin since we have no Hermes nearby... this was his first time in the Chicago store. They wouldn't put him on a list, but he was offered a Birkin on the spot - it was either a 30 or 35 cm Etoupe - this was NOT any of the colors I wanted, so he turned it down.

    Unfortunately, had he gone through Chicago 2 days later, they had a Vermillion 35 available that day and I would have totally taken that one! It did go to a lovely PFer, Japster I think!
  12. Welcome Cosmopolitan. This is definitely one fo the best places for you to get info. And it seems there is something "magical" about this board. I don't know what it is, but once people join this board, the imporrible to get birkin usually ends up landing in their laps.

    As for the waiting list...I'm like some others on here in that I'm starting to believe there isn't a waitlist either. I just know that once I began developing a rapport with an SA, things went much better for me. I was able to start seeing things that were kept in the back or being offered bags when they come in the store. Once they know you and know you are serious, its smooth sailing from there.

    Not only does buying things help, but following up with a nice little phone call or thank you card definitely goes a long way with them.
  13. This is all very interesting to me, too. Nathansgirl, do you mean that if one wants to cultivate a good relationship with an SA, one has to send them a thank you card for a purchase? :s
  14. The thank you card is more like a note of appreciation for that particular SA's attention and courtesy they show to you during your visit. When SAs feel appreciated, I think it makes them strive to work harder for you (just like any employee would)!
  15. ^ Yup. It's just a nice touch.