Please forgive me ...

  1. ... for being so slow but I now understand all the hoopla over the Balenciaga bags :yes: . I'm faithful to my LVs and my MJs but was never interested in the B-bags until I started lurking in this forum. Thank you ladies for all your knowledge and pictures:heart: . I ordered two Balenciaga work bags (cornflower blue and lilac) from Aloharag. They arrived today and they are astoundingly beautiful :love: !! I started to massage my cornflower blue the way ranskimmie did but after about a minute, I decided that I like the leather the way it is. If it gets smooshier, that's great, too :smile:.

    The bags were perfect except for the tassel for the mirror on my cornflower bag. There's a partial rip near the knot on the tassel. I've attached two pictures. I guess since the rip was so near the knot, it was easy to miss when they checked it before shipping the bag. I've emailed them to see if they can send me a replacement tassel, but if they don't, I guess I can always just snip off the end and shorten the tassel.

    Anyway, thanks again!! I'm so happy :biggrin: !! Now I have to decide which bag to use first ...
    Picture 014a.jpg Picture 015a.jpg Picture 016a.jpg
  2. abag, welcome to the dark side! this is only the beginning of your bal'll see....:cool: good choices.:heart:
  3. Oh wow!! 2 bbags! I just love them. Congrats to you, and enjoy. I think you will find Balenciaga is one of the most classic, sturdy and versitile bags you will find. If you ever have any questions or concerns we are all here to help you. Enjoy your new beauties!
  4. wow! i love them and welcome to b-bag addiction!
  5. hey abaglover OMG!!! i love your 2 new work bags!!!!!! cornflower blue is so YUMMY!!!! congrats!!!!!
  6. once you go balenciaga, you DON'T go back, so have fun sharing our addiction :smile:
  7. abaglover, it took me a while to see the light, too...But the important thing is that we now both know about the wonderful world of Bbags! :biggrin:
    Congrats, and I love both of your bags!!! :heart: :heart:
  8. Congratulations! You chose two great colors. They look great! Bbags are definitely addictive once you begin but you can't go wrong with them.
  9. Haha! You're soooo right, chaussurewhore!! I'm already thinking about a grenat and a black ... and maybe a brown ... :P !!
  10. Awww ... thanks, ranskimmie :love: !! You are sooo sweet :heart: !!
  11. Thanks, didi78, helenNZ and amanda!!
  12. abag, you have been officially "balified"...dont worry, it happens to the best of us, right girls?:cool:
  13. Thanks, cate22!! And I know what you mean! It's like, "Where have I been all these years? Look at all the colors I missed out on!!"
  14. Thanks, Goldensx5!
  15. I love cornflower!!! Enjoy!!! And welcome. I always love seeing your avatar, so cute :smile:)