Please find me a bag that will fit my 13 inch macbook!


Nov 5, 2012
I need a bag for school. I have a 13 inch macbook air. I need a bag that will fit the laptop in it's case and a book or two. I don't have a super huge budget, about $300 max. I can order fossil, michael kors, and coach online at our military installation so if you have one of those in mind it can cost a little more. Thanks so much!
Oct 17, 2013
Longchamp's Le Pliage bags are pretty popular for school bags. The large size should be able to fit a laptop and some other things. It's nylon so you don't have to worry about dirt/putting your bags on the floor in class, and the straps are strong. It's under $300 :smile:


Apr 16, 2012
The Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote also works as a laptop bag, too. There are two sizes:

Medium: 14"W x 11 ½"H x 5"D. (Interior capacity: large.) Retail: $295

Large: 16"W x 13 ½"H x 6"D. (Interior capacity: large.) Retail: $265

And if you have a Nordstrom card, you can get these totes for less than $200 during their Anniversary sale. They also have the Biscuit/beige tote on clearance for $177.

Amazon is also selling the MAB Medium tote in Biscuit (beige) for $177. They also have other colors, but they're close to retail price.
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Jan 15, 2011
I love the Foley & Corinna Mid City. It holds my 13" Macbook Pro plus papers, books, water bottles...and best of all if it's NOT full, it folds over and magically becomes a smaller bag. Mine has taken a massive beating and traveled everywhere and is still fine. They are retail about $300-$395 but VERY easy to find on sale - mine was $150 and I don't know anyone who has paid more than $250.

Here are some at Neimans Last Call for $150 and up and some are on sale at Zappos too

Good luck!