Please Fedex Man! Give Me My Package!

  1. He came here 10 minutes before I came home.:cursing:

    And he's coming tomorrow but now I will not be home till 3 or 4ish and apparently it requires a signature.. AHHHH! I'm going to go crazy with all this waiting!:crybaby:
  2. A signature is required for spending a little more then a hundred dollars?
  3. Yesss :sad: It's required for all of Coach purchases :/
  4. :crybaby:
  5. patience! just think how much more you'll love your stuff once you finally get it! absence makes the heart grow fonder...
  6. Ugh so sorry that happened to you!
  7. Sign the notice he left and leave it there for him.
  8. If I know something is going to be delivered during the day when I am at work and require a signature, I print off the tracking page from, write a note on it authorizing delivery, and then date and sign it and tape it to the front door. It's worked every time!
  9. ^^Thanks for the tip! I'm now drooling over the package now!
  10. He wrote VOID where I'm suppose to put my signature. I had to be there for him to see me sign it I guess?
  11. I remember when that happened to me, I rushed to the local post office to collect it in the evening when the postman sent it back after all the other deliveries.