Please explain...

  1. the whole Balenciaga thing to me. I have decided that my next bag will be a Balenciaga! :yahoo:

    Unfortunately, I know nothing about them so excuse my ignorance and explain:
    1. What sizes are there and what are their names (pics would be great)?
    2. What kind of leathers are they made of?
    3. What do they retail for and what is a decent used price?
    4. What are considered hot colors for the winter?
    I am a total LV junkie but I want to venture out of my element for a Balenciaga! Thanks for any help! :flowers:
  2. 1. The most popular sizes are (in order of popularity as perceived by moi ... so not necessarily accurate):

    The City aka Medium Motorcycle
    The First aka Classique or Small Motorcycle
    The Hobo aka Day
    The Work aka Office
    Look at pics of these styles (w/dimensions & pricing) on the Balenciaga Motorcycle Style Reference page on AtelierNaff.

    2. Distressed goatskin

    3. Retail prices - see the Reference link above. Used prices - depends upon how coveted the color/leather is for the particular bag. Can range anywhere from $600 to $1600 and up...with most used bags going for around $800-900.

    4. Hot colors for winter: Rouge Vif, Blueberry, and Grenat are probably top contenders. See also: the color swatches for F/W 2006:
  3. Thank you very much! I'm off to read up on your suggested links! I'm going to Holt Refrew today to see what they have and try them on IRL - they'll be wondering at the LV counter why I'm not there!
  4. Oh my ... I can't believe I forgot the Twiggy style in my list above ... I would put Twiggy either before or after the Hobo/Day style.