Please Explain True Religion Jeans To Me!

  1. I'm trying to find a pair of True Religion Jeans and need help with all the terms they use. Such as Big T, Super T and Joey, Johnny and Bobby? I'm looking for boot cut, and I'm not sure about the twisted seam if I am sold on that or not. Is it comfortable? Also I'm tall, do these have a decent inseam? I need at least 33, maybe 34. I'm about 5'10 to 5'11. I live in a city that does not have much for selection so I will need to order online. I'd like a bit of advice before ordering a bunch of jeans. Thanks!
  2. The only 2 styles I'm familiar with are the Joey and the Bobby..they both have twisted seams except that the Joey has the buttoned back pockets, and theh Bobby does not. The twisted seam is comfortable..I don't even notice that they are twisted. They are pretty long jeans (but then again I am short! 5'2) so I had a couple inches hemmed at the bottom - I'm sure that they would be long enough for you. My preference (unless you have a super small butt) is the Bobby..The buttoned back pockets on the Joey make my butt look bigger lol
    Hope that helps!
  3. Inseam would be perfect for you, I get mine shortened to a 32 inside leg and that means shortening by at least 2 inches so you could probably wear them straight off
  4. I'm a True Religion believer. These jeans really fit my bum. The best site to get an idea of what TR has to offer is I don't want to recite all the details, but just know TR has about ten different cuts (like Johnny, Billy, Stella, etc) that come in about a billion different finishes...each with a different price. Some have rear pocket flaps, others don't. Most come in 34" lengths, and they offer a line with 36" inseams (I wish I needed those).

    TR Julie skinnies are my absolute favorite jeans of all time. If I only were to keep one pair, these would be it.
  5. The twisted seam is one of my favorite features! It's sexy.
  6. Have to agree with you gals, I'm utterly addicted to their jeans....while other brands come and go I always gravitate back to TR.
  7. I love Revolve Clothing, I'm going to order a pair off that site. I just need to decide which pair, the selection is HUGE. What does Big T or Super T mean? Someone told me one of those names mean the bigger thread and stitch. Any thoughts on that stitch? Does it limit you to what you wear with them? I usually just do plain close fit T's. I don't think I own any prints. But that's because I love big jewelry. Thanks, I love hearing back from people that own these jeans.
  8. Joeys are the ones that are flares with flap pockets and a twisted seam. The twisted seam gives the illusion of a thinner leg and the pockets give the illusion of a more rounded butt. The twisted seam does not affect the comfort of the jeans-- you don't notice it when you're wearing it (unless you see it). Bobbys are bootcut with straight seems and regular pockets, and Johnnys are straight leg with normal seams and regular pockets.

    Big T and Super T refer to the stitching on the jeans. Super T is the super thick contrast stitching and I think Big T is just their normal contrast stitching. I have one pair of Super T's-- Sammy crops (dark wash with white stitching)-- and I mostly wear them with layered, solid colored tank tops and Havaianas in the summer. They're my favorite pair of TRs!

    The inseam is pretty long. I think it starts at ~32-33" for the smaller sizes and goes up from there. I have one pair of Joeys with a 33.5" inseam and the other pair is even longer, maybe 35".
  9. Since this is your first pair, I say start off with the classic Joey's. You can't go wrong with them. They are boot cut.
  10. I have a pair of Joey's too and I love them. OK I've gained a little weight and they are not very forgiving but I will soon be back in them.

    If you are tall, the inseam will not be a problem for you. I'm 5'4" with a 30" inseam (yuck) and my tailor just loves me. These are cut nice & long.
  11. i use to love true religions but then they just got waay to low feeling on me. yeah if you dont like the twisted seam or flap pockets get the bobbys. i like the twisted seam though. its pretty neat. they also come in stretch and rigid. i personally like stretch but whatever floats your boat.
  12. Great, Thanks for all the advice. I think I'm going to try the Joey. I saw a pair on someone with a medium wash and white stitching, SO CUTE. I never thought I would buy that look. But when I saw it one someone else, I could see how it worked. It's nice to step out of the box and your comfort zone and try something new once and while. Feels fresh. I have a ton of Citizens and Paige jeans. Now hoping I can find a Revolve coupon.
  13. I want a pair of TR's, but they're SOOOO long! I'm only 5'1" so I practically drown in these jeans... :sad:
  14. I love them tons, but I think they stretch out a LOT. I'm talking one wear, they get huge and need to be washed/dried again.