please explain to me why...

  1. please explain to me why you all like gucci?

    whats so special about gucci?

    to me, its just "GG" letters all over a purse.

    when you carry gucci purses, its like you're adversting to the others and encourage them to get a gucci purse too.

    guccis are not so unique.

    gucci, coach, fendi all have in common... LETTERS all over it. i hate letters patterns PERIOD.
  2. YOU may hate them, but lots of people love them, look at Louis Vuitton, I think that's our biggest fan group here.
    Most designers have a monogram line . . . . you posted your Chanel sunglasses, they have giant CCs on the side in mother of pearl in case you didn't notice ;)
  3. Welcome to the forum ashley!

    Not all Gucci's have the monogram fabric. In fact I have Gucci bags without it and most people wouldn't even know it is designer. Most of us don't carry these bags to show off. We just happen to like the style and/or appreciate the unique design and quality of the bags. That being said I don't dislike the monogram. I bought a monogram Gucci cos I liked the shape of the bag, not cos I wanted everyone to know it was Gucci.

    As for Fendi (which is my favourite designer label) I for one don't like the zucca or zucchino fabric with all the F's over it. But I do love the leathers on the Spy bags etc. Personally I do not like LV or coach which you mentioned as I do not like the monogram, but the Gucci one I love. Gucci's are very unique in my opinion and I believe that that is one of the reasons why they have lasted so long. :smile:

  4. haha, true... my sunglasses has CC on it... but i have always loved how CC looks.. u know... C overlap backward another C (if you know what im trying to say)

    my sister owns 4 louis vuitton purses (all are monogram) and they are alright. i have a LV purse too but its deminer canvas...(checkers patterns) i used to have black and white checkers patterns backpack my freshman and sophomore year... and it was worn out and i was very sad and then i saw the checkers pattern at LV i fell in love with it and bought one. haha!

    BUT, everyone has different taste in purses. :smile:

  5. I love Fendi Spy bags (not monogram) too!!

    I have seen some cute gucci (not monogram) purses but I was wondering if people buy Guccis simply just to show off that they have Guccis I mean there are tons of Gucci (monogram) purses styles that you can find at Coach stores (just different that it is CC's letters). You know what i mean?

    I actually like some Gucci's (monogram) cause of the shape of purse but i wish it was all black fabric (with no GG's) and Green and Red stipes middle down the purse. Its very cute. just No GG's you know?
  6. quality, prestige, style. Gucci has been a status symbol for ages and you personally may not be fond of the GG's but they are internationally known as a symbol of class and high fashion. They are very different styles from coach or fendi, completely different cut and shape. Each designer has a distict and unique style even though you may not be able to pick up on it, many people can. As far as advertising goes, who cares, if I like my bag and someone else happens to see it's a gucci because it has a pattern, then they know where to get it. I appreciate your opinion but I think coming on to a Gucci forum to discuss your disdain for Gucci monogram is kinda rude, that's just my opinion...
  7. I don't know why... it was love at first sight when I see the pink monogram Gucci... and I'm married to it.

    My brother loves LV, but I have not discovered why, maybe if I start exploring LV, I will be hooked too.

    So many designer purses, so little $!

  8. hey, sorry... i didnt mean to be rude. but yeah, i DO like gucci purses, but just not the monogram line... i was only wondering if people get them to show off that its gucci.. thats all. but i guess some people DO NOT do that... some does. but like i said, everyone has different taste in purses. i just never like letters patterns purses. thats all. i just wanted to listen to everyone's opinions on why they love their gucci purses.
  9. ^We all have our likes and dislikes....I personally like the Gucci logo..but I despise the people who wear it head to toe...LOL...
  10. I'm getting away from all monogram, but there are certain styles of Gucci that are classic and beautiful (Tom Ford era especially). I also like many of the vintage styles. Like jill, there can also be such a thing as "overkill" but for the most part I think it is just a good looking bag.

  11. I love gucci more than other brand mostly because of the bag shape/style. Gucci just fit my style better. I know the monogram is kinda advertising gucci, but i think gucci monogram is much better than other brands because the GG is small and fine, so you cant really see it from far away, this is what i personally think hehe. Another reason for me to get monogram is because i cant afford leather/guccisima yet, but i do LOVE gucci i only could afford the canvas monogram ... not really for showing off purposes...
  12. Just like everyone else said, no we don't buy it because we want to show off.. I have a bunch of Coach and now a Gucci.. but what am I trying to show off? That I have money? NOOO i dont. im a college student and I save up couple of paychecks throughout the summer to buy myself purses.

    And also, Coach and Gucci's styles are very very different IMO, so you're not going to see the same purses with GG and then CC on them.
  13. show off is such an odd word...ok fine, i buy my designer goods and for the most part i admit i want to show them off to the world because they are beautiful and well made! i want people to know what brand they are and i want to inspire people to treat themselves to some roalty!

    i love the me it is just classic and chic! i guess if i didnt want to show off i would just buy the leather, but i feel like im at a place in my life (24 and in grad school) that im in the place to show off...hey if i cant flaunt it now i sure as heck wont when im 50 driving a mini van (or an suv) full of kids haha :smile: but thats me....i respect those mothers that look so put together, i personaly will be a mess!! :smile:

    cliff notes version: i like to show off, and im dang proud of it :smile: GG POWER haha :smile:
  14. I think for me it has nothing to do with showing off as it does how "I" feel when I am wearing it. For as long as I can remember I feel better wearing something new! My attitude is better, I am more confident etc soo when I wear something I love and in my eye is something that is classy and classic I hold my head higher and wear it with pride! So to answer your question I buy my clothes with the same mind frame that I buy my bags I buy them to be classic and never out of style.
  15. please explain to me why you all like gucci?
    I love Gucci simply because their handbags and shoes are chic, stylish, and beautiful.

    whats so special about gucci? Same as above.

    to me, its just "GG" letters all over a purse. Yes, the monogram does have GG all over the purses, but that's not all Gucci is about. There are plenty of other designs without GGs all over. Please visit to take a look.

    when you carry gucci purses, its like you're adversting to the others and encourage them to get a gucci purse too. This holds true for all designer brands with monogram handbags/shoes. To me, it is not showing off, but simply appreicating the design. Some people like it and some people don't. I actually find Gucci monogram to be very classy.

    To tell the truth, I didn't like Gucci until a few months ago. I had the same questions as you when I saw people carrying Gucci handbags. However, after I visited the Gucci boutiques a few times and read up in the Gucci forum here, I surely fell in love with it. :yes: