please explain the fuscia lining to me!

  1. I don't quite understand this remark. Was it meant to be humorous??
  2. The Stroke Me was never my favorite because the lining was so visible and that just isn't my thing. Shame too, b/c the shape is so cool!
  3. I love the silk fuchsia lining! Fuchsia and purple have been my favorite colors since I was a child, so it totally works for me!!

    If I really, truly loved the bag but greatly disliked its lining, I would either pass on purchasing it, or possibly buy it and take it to a really good cobbler. I'd have the cobbler replace the lining with something I like. Although, I imagine this may not be worth the price or effort, but it is an option.
  4. I really love the lining, and I'm not a pink person. It is really gorgeous when contrasted with my dark grey leather.

    I can undersatnd your hesitance if you don't like it, though. For example, there are certan Coach bags I would never carry because I didn't like the lining. I do believe the lining is an important part of the decision and you have to decide what works for you.

    I hope you find something you like.
  5. I don't think it is a quality issue as much as it is a preference issue. I, for one, love the bright pink lining and the hint of it peeking out. If it bugs you, though, then you should probably pass on the style.
  6. There is a band of leather on the LM and LMM. I love the fuschia lining and consider it a design feature of the BE bags. In fact, it is a selling point to me. If you don't like it, these are not the bags for you.
  7. I think the pink against my chocolate is awesome. I am not a pink person either, but the pink used is so yummy and it makes the bag if you ask me!
  8. I also think of pink lining on BE bags as red soles on CL shoes - a trademark. Do red soles ALWAYS match your outfit? No. When they don't match, you go with Manolos or any other shoe designer / brand. So, when pink doesn't match your outfit, you grab a different bag.

    Pink lining doesn't bother me at all! It's quite the opposite! I love it!!!
  9. Oh Wait!!!! My 91-year old Grandmother still wears slips!!!

    So yes.....I do remember them! Whew.....what a relief!
  10. Yes.
  11. I thought that on some of Jackie's bags, the lining is supposed to show as a trademark. Isn't there a comment somewhere on the website to this effect? Maybe in the original description of the Stroke Me?

    I love the pink, especially since it means not looking into a black hole, but if you don't, you don't, and buying a BE with a lining that shows is clearly not a good investment if all it will do is irritate you.

    I still have some half slips buried in my lingerie chest! I think the elastic is probably deteriorated. I just don't wear anything that would require one any more! Such would probably require pantyhose too and I am so over that.
  12. Yeah, I so feel sorry for my mother who was from the slip/hose/end of girdle generation! All that lingerie she had to keep buying and buying as well as the confinement! Although...I do admit to owning some Spanx...:p
  13. What I really love about the silk fuchsia lining is that it shaves off quite a bit of weight from the bag ~ it is a BRILLIANT idea in its design!!! I find absolutely nothing wrong with the fabric showing, and in the description of the Stroke Me, if memory serves me right, it is meant to be seen and provides a beautiful contrast to the leathers Jackie has chosen for the BE designs. It is specifically for this reason that I participated in the bespoke Love Me Mini Apple Green Glossy order, because the sumptuous Fuchsia silk lining will gorgeously complement itself against the Glossy Apple Green leather.
  14. I agree that the lining is a part of my attraction to the bags overall. I don't think I would feel the same way though if I really detested the colour. I never really paid attention to linings before I discovered BE - but you certainly can't ignore that beautiful fuschia!

    Also I love that it is so lightweight. My Marc Jacobs bags are all lined in suede and while it is sumptious, it makes the bag so heavy. After a day of hauling around my large multipocket, I feel like I have had a workout.
  15. By the way...slightly off topic question.... How the h*ll do you spell fuchsia? Everytime I type it, I spell it differently and hope that I am hitting the right combo of letters.