please explain the fuscia lining to me!

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  1. Okay, I discovered this thread.... I'm quite taken with the Stroke Me, and yet I can't get past the fuscia lining, which seems to be showing in 90% of the photos of that style. Why would I want a bag with bright pink lining showing? Why on earth can't the lining match, or be black at least?

    To make it worse, I'm not a pink person. At all. But even if the lining were bright blue, or bright green, or bright anything, it kills the sleek beautiful look of the bag.

    Can someone explain? Is the lining ever going to change?
  2. I believe that the fuchsia lining is a BE trademark. It won't be going away anytime soon. I think it looks absolutely beautiful as a contrast. FYI: Stroke Mes are being discontinued so if you are at all interested, now's the time to get one before they are all gone!!
  3. One thing to make note of, in the older bags, such as both my SM's the fuchsia lining is cotton, where in the newer bags it's satin. I love the fuchsia lining and I am not a pink person at all. I believe that Kings_20 is correct, it's a trademark.
  4. But seriously. Trademark schmademark. It COULD STILL have fuscia lining, but give it an inch of leather lining at the edges of the bag, THEN go to the pink. Which would also be a sign of greater quality, because you wouldn't have bag seams staring you in the face. This pink showing thing really cheapens the bags, IMO.

    And all the slouchy ones I like (stroke me, hold me) have the lining SHOWING when the bag is held.

    I have nothing against trademarks, but this is the bag equivalent of a slip showing. Is anyone old enough to remember slips?
  5. One reason for the pink, is that you can see what's inside your handbag. When you have a black lining, you are looking into a dark hole. With a pink lining, you can see everything against it. That's one reason it works for me.

    That said, if you hate hate pink! So, you would look at the bags where the lining doesn't show...there are a lot of those... But then, every time you looked into the bag, you'd get angry! So...either pink will grow on you,'ll never get a BE.

    I have a Tan HOLD ME, and I love the colorplay of the tan against the pink. It's part of the charm of the bag.

    But do let us know what you decide!
  6. I understand your point...I suppose it is possible to have the edge of the lining stop lower so its not noticeable unless the bag is open...its always something you could mention to Jackie and see her thoughts on it:smile:

    I personally don't mind it, and I'm not really a pink person either
  7. Yes, sukey, that is my point. I don't really care what color it is, just that it's constantly showing on the straps and the opening edges of the bag. And I tend to like the bags where the lining would show, as they're less structured.

    Again, on higher quality bags, there would be a rim of leather at the outside edges of the lining to prevent this. It can ruin an outfit, depending on what you're wearing.

    How do I mention this to Jackie?
  8. If you go to the website, I think there is a "contact us" section
    hth :smile:
  9. I love the fuschia fact, it's one of the things that drew me to her bags....that and the leather. It's also her signature lining she's used from the very beginning.

    I keep thinking that if the bags were lined in bright orange, or yellow, I don't know if I'd purchase I can see your point of view.

    Personal observation from your comments, this bag may not be for you.
  10. I love hot pink, and I have a SMM on Petrol on its way to me. I think the pink will look great with the blue, but I was concerned about the pink against the wine or aqua, which were other colors I wanted.

    I had a Chanel Cambon, black with a hot pink lining, and that lining ruined the bag for me. I was always conscious of the bright color, and checking to make sure it did not clash with my outfit. I sold the bag. I hope the BE SMM does not cause the same problem for me.
  11. I had a BE LM in petrol and believe me, the satin fuchsia lining did not clash. It was a lovely bag. I ended up selling it only because that style didn't work for me, whereas the SM certainly does.
  12. I don't consider seeing the lining as a sign of the bag being of lesser quality. I have the tan SMM and one of my favorite things about this style is that I can see the fuchsia lining. Since the SM is advertised as being the best bag for showing off the lining, another style would probably work better for you.
  13. i've never encountered problems with my lining. you can't see it on a LM though
  14. Agreed. I love it as well since it's so easy to find stuff and everyone always comments on the lining when they see my bag and in a positive way. It's just a lining. I don't think it breaks a bag. It's unique like red soled shoes that are trademarked.
  15. LOVE the lining!