Please explain the folding bottom design of the 2.55? Is it Coco original design?

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  1. just wondering what the history and purpose of the folding design on the bottom of the 2.55 is? Does it stand up to time, or does this type of bottom collapse after use. It's a odd design and I would love to know it's history. Thanks
  2. hi! i have a vintage bag! its like a 2.55 but I dont have a mademoiselle lock. I have a fold underneath. I think we're talking about the same one. But could you post a picture? But mine is really vintage so it probably is coco's design. Mine is from the 70s if not older.
  3. I do not have the bag yet. THinking about buying the patent with the fold.
  4. i think you are talking about REISSUE?
  5. Yes REISSUE. Thanks so much for the info
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.