PLEASE Explain the Difference Between BIRKIN and KELLY ???

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  1. HI all!
    I have been reading about every thread on here and for the life of me, I can't figure out the real difference between the Birkin and the Kelly ... sorry if I sound silly, but can someone PLEASE explain it to me??
    I am going to the Chicago store next weekend and don't want to look like a complete dingbat :shame:

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. They don't look the same? :shrugs:

    The most flagrant difference is that a Kelly has one handle and the Birkin has two. The closure system is also different.

    Below is a Kelly
    Property of LV addict

    Below are two Birkins, one is open (left), one is closed with orange protection mat (right)
    Property of westwoodmama

    Hope this helps
  3. LOL.

    I had to do that with my non-H'ified travelling companion too: 1 handle => Kelly, 2 handles => Birkin

    Even then, it took her a while.
  4. Holy cow! I TOTALLY missed the 1 Handle / 2 Handle thing :shame: :shame: :shame:
  5. The reference thread is full of great info.....
    Have fun in Chicago!
  6. ^^Don't worry queenvictoria2! I think we all had to start somewhere ;) At least you weren't in the H store and asked the SA "What about that Birkin?" as you pointed to a Kelly, like my dear 21 yr old niece, to whom I had to quickly whisper "That's a Kelly!" lol
  7. Have a good time and say hi to Caroline- she's a sweetie and will take great care of you.
  8. Thanks everyone! You are all so sweet!! :flowers:
  9. I have to show this thread to my hubby whom can't tell the difference between Kelly and Birkin (even though he's seen my Kelly & Birkin). ;)

    QuuenVictoria2, you did not sound silly at all. Before I was into Hermes, I could not really tell the difference.
  10. I own nothing Hermes, but I will be at the Chicago store this weekend and hope to admire the bags along with buying a scarf and a couple of ties. I've walked past the store many times and never had the nerve to go inside!
  11. Have a wonderful time Boxermom and QueenVictoria2.

    A opportunity perfect to educate that DH - Checkmate.

  12. boxermom -

    I have only went in once but was so intimidated I didn't go past the front area - LOL!
    The SA there was SUPER nice tho (tall, long dark haired girl), so I guess it was just me :P

    She tried everything besides dragging me to get me to come in further and wanted to show me things ... I am such an idiot! :shame:
  13. thanks for the lovely information ladies.....
  14. That sounds like me, exactly!(feeling intimidated) We just don't give ourselves enough credit in situations like that. Best wishes to you Queen V2 when you visit the store.:yes: And I will try to relax a bit when I go, also!