Please explain Saffiano leather?

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  1. I've always been a fan of Prada, for reasons all of you know, but I've never been up for spending the money. Well, I've taken a very tiny step and purchased a Prada Portachiavi 6 Ganci Fuschia Key case, made out of Saffiano leather. I know it's leather, you know it's leather, but it's admittedly unique, with the cross-hatching and the thinness of it - the first time my DH looked at it he said it was vinyl, which started an argument (not heated, just the regular male/female thing). Like he thinks I'd spend that much money on vinyl! The nerve!

    I've tried to do research on the 'net and here, and can't find anything about the process by which Prada makes the Saffiano - I have found that it's apparently exclusive to them, which means it's probably a trade secret, but it's amazing to me that I can't find ANYTHING about it!

    Can any of you Prada experts point me in the right direction? TIA!:smile:
  2. I haven't a clue how it's made, but obviously there must be some process to waterproof and grain it like that. I love the feel of it- the only real downside is that deep scrathes are nearly impossible to remove.
  3. Yes, it feels heavenly - I am finding that I'm forgetting to put my keys in my handbag, because they feel so good, wrapped in their little case, I don't want to put it anywhere.

    Since I have the scratchy (keys) inside the case, hopefully I won't scratch the case any time soon. I bought it to protect my handbags from my keys; I've just recently become a Hayden-Harnett Ho, and their leather is so soft...
  4. When I saw saffiano leather, I kept seeing it referenched as textured or cross-hatched leather on Ferragamo items, and then I noticed it on Prada items being called saffiano--both feel the same to me, I ended up settling with a blue Prada saffiano instead though

    I don't know about the process or how its made either, but I love it! :}
  5. ^Yup I love it too..I have a card case & a wallet in this...You can't kill it and it always looks new!!
  6. its prob the most durable of all Prada leather....
  7. That's that, then! No worries about how it's made (just curious) - I'll leave the making of it to Prada or Ferragamo and just enjoy the end result!
  8. Saffiano leather is my favourite ... it is so incredibly beautiful.

    Having said that, it doesn't age very well, which for me is unforgivable!

    The colour is painted on and doesn't go all the way through which means it can come off around the corners (like a few of my gucci things - this is SO irritating). It's a pressed leather I believe, meaning that the pattern is pressed on.

    It gets slouchy and loses it's pristine shape.

    So while it may be the most beautiful thing in the shop, I could not buy again because it's so terrifying to see something so lovely dying in front of your eyes with every wear. I try to buy pieces now that get better with age ... it's a challenge!
  9. ive had my metal oro side zip for like two seasons now with daily wear and its held up incredibly well, including but certainly not just limited to the times, dare i say it, ive gotten it wet
  10. :tumbleweed:

    mmmm... it's 2 yrs old
  11. cole haan now makes saffiano wallets...
  12. My experience with Saffiano leather has been incredible. I think L.A.M.B uses it for some of her products as well as Henri Bendel's "disturbed stripes" collection. It's very durable, light and has a good feel. I wonder if anyone knows where I can buy the leather piece to customize a purse for myself?
  13. is it really the most durable? i'm looking to buy a new wallet.. i really want a lamb or calf skin as it's as soft as my bags, but the saffiano looks tempting since like you have said.. it always looks new
  14. ... mm.. I think this discussion should be on the Prada forum
    this thread is 3 yrs old and before Miu Miu own forum was created.
  15. Saffiano definitely is leather!

    It's Prada's signature and most historic leather. It's made of Calf leather with a special diagonal pattern. That pattern, Prada actually patented it. So while you can find imitations of this leather, it won't be exactly like Prada's or as scratch resistant!

    The patented print is a special diagonal pattern that is applied on the calf leather by machines for 10-15 seconds at a temperature of 165 degrees. The piping is then finished with a wax treatment. :smile: