Please explain how to achieve the perfect "pouf"

  1. I have been wanting to wear my my hair down with my longer bangs pinned on top as a "Pouf" (am I explaining this right?)...but everytime I try it...I think I just look like an idiot.
    So I'm looking for help on how to achieve the perfect you tease hair, pin with bobby pins? Please someone give step by step instructions. I know I must sound like a dork, but I just can't get it to look right!

  2. Do you have a pic of someone with the look you are trying to achieve?
  3. when my side bangs bother me, i do the poof thing too. i usually tease my bangs a little & pin with two bobby pins. you can do it without teasing but it might fall flat. just play around with how much hair your using, and the height of it. good luck
  4. I too think a pic would help :flowers:
    When I "pouf" my hair, all I do is pouf it up with one hand and put a hair clip in (similar to the one shown below, only I have golden hair so I usually use a gold hair clip that's square in shape and not thinner on one side, if that makes sense (I feel that the clips shaped like the ones in the pic looks better when I pin my hair to the side and not when it's on top of my head) If I want a more dressy look, sometimes I use a clip similar to the one in the second pic) Hair pins would also work, although I feel that the clip holds my hair better :flowers:)


  5. The poof doesn't work for me :sad:
    I have really slippery hair that won't stay teased. Whenever I try it, no matter what I do, the poof parts itself and falls to the sides...
  6. You do need to have some texture to create this look. You can fake it w/ a light styling cream and/or teasing.
    When I do my hair this way I have to blow dry it in that direction--back.
    And make sure your taking that whole middle strip of hair back, not just the bang section.
    I also use 2 bobbypins to secure it.
    Good luck!!:flowers:
  7. Maybe like this? Kinda hard to see.
    lcep306stripetanker0bl3.jpg partyparis3llys4hg8.jpg
  8. You mean a Duff-puff?
  9. Yep! Like this, just poufier...thanks for the pics and the instructions! I tried again today and I did tease it a bit. My hair is stick straight so I think teasing helped!
  10. I make a pouf before I go to bed, spritz a little hairspray, then in the morning I fix it with a comb and clips. When I live it in overnight there is more volume and "pouf" to it because it's been teased into that form the whole night.
  11. That is such a good idea to do the "roll" underneath-- I'm totally going to try that!

    And I just watched her makeup tutorials for like half an hour. I especially loved the supermodel one!! I don't normally watch those things and then go out to buy the products, but she used 3-4 products that I want now!:girlsigh:
  12. I thought the roll was interesting as well, and I"m going back to check out her makeup tutorials after my son goes to bed! :tup:
  13. When i do the poof. I use a little tiny bit of fake cheep hair. tease that little bit of hair. then put it into a hairnet and shaped into a small poof I then pin it place after i pin it. I take hair and cover the whole piece. That way i am not teasing my hair and causing any more damage to it. It takes a few times to practice getting it placed right on your head but it quick and easy after you do.
  14. I use "dirt", by Jonathan and my hair will stay in place. It gives it good texture.