Please explain...big bbags

  1. Lately, everyone seems to be talking about bigger bbags. I think the city is a big bag, so what do you all do with the weekender and couriers (and to a lesser extent, the work)? Are they everyday bags? For travel? I know many of you have them so I am not knocking them at all. I just think that I would look like an Olsen twin carrying one and have no desire to look like either of them.

    I have the purse, which is the same width as the work (which is the same size as the oversized Muse) but doesn't seem so big to me (maybe because it is more structured and isn't as deep). I can see using the work for work but it would be too big for me for any other purpose. In fact, I got a nice (authentic) one from bluefly for a steal, but ended up returning it.

    Please educate me.
  2. I just like big bags - I do find myself buying the same color in two different sizes but I use the big bags more.
    I do use the bigger ones for travel and time out with the kids and dogs. The smaller ones for date nights and nights out with the gals.
  3. What style is a "big bag" to you? What would you consider "smaller"? I have been tossing the idea of a Hobo around, so I'm thinking about whether or not this is a big bag. I just got my 1st First, too, so we'll see!
  4. This may sound dumb, but I actually want to look like an Olsen twin! :shame: Not literally of course, but I love the look of "a little girl with a big bag," and I'm pretty petite so it works with certain outfits--and it's great for carrying lots of stuff to school!
  5. I have mostly City bags - I think the First is too small for me. I also have a Day, 2 Works, a Purse and the Big Kahuna, a Courier. I use the Courier everyday especially during the summer with baseball games and dance camp. I don't think of the Works as "big bags". The Courier definitely is and I am tossing around the purchase of a weekender.
  6. I don't have a big bbag - although I do have the XL Muse (now there is a BIG bag!) - I know this sounds strange, but the bigger the bag = the smaller I look.
    I think that unless you are very thin - teeny tiny petite bags = make you look larger...
  7. Sounds like you really NEED a big bag. Kids definitely require a lot of stuff.
  8. it seems like you might need the shoulder straps.. so until your weekender is broken in such that you can carry it on your shoulders.. toting around the big weekender might be a hassle...

    i personally love the weekender.. for such beautiful leather and colour, the bigger the better right??? (i use mine for school....) =)
  9. That's why I went with the Courier but I really miss the relaxed structure of the motorcycle style.
  10. Does anyone know why they don't add a strap to the weekender?
  11. Not dumb at all. I am guessing I am older than you, which is why their style doesn't appeal to me as much. I admit that it is a fun look but not what I am aiming for. Do you use your big bags when you aren't toting stuff to school?
  12. chi, my dear, you know i love big bags. by the way, nothing is bigger than an oversized muse, which i love! i recently sold my large muse, so i could by an oversized. i don't like when bags look overstuffed, which i tend to do. so, i love big bags in order to lug all my "essentials" with me, as well as my toddler daughter's stuff. yes, i admit it... i'm a bit of a pack rat.:shame: i've tried to minimize and it wasn't a pretty sight. but the bag doesn't have to be filled to the rim. infact, i like it a bit slouchy, so i try not to overfill. the city is a bit squarish on me when i do overfill. i think, i am starting to get desensitized to the large size of the work, because it's starting to look small to me. i may have to put the weekender on my next buy list!
  13. i know your reason for your big bags -- work, daughter, etc... as we have already discussed this but we haven't discussed the move to a weekender???? when were you going to tell me? :rant: :rant: are you going to put your daughter in there? :roflmfao: actually, if you have another, you will probably need a larger bag. i haven't asked you though if you use big bags when you go out?

    but generally i was just wondering if people use these big bags when they don't really need them just for a certain look.
  14. I honestly will wear any bbag style, as long as I love the leather/color... I have quite a variety of the bbags, from big to small - and I don't really wear them for 'certain' things, I just wear different size bags depending on my mood! ;)

    ..the only time I really 'need' a big bag, would be for school - and I fully plan on taking advantage of the weekender for that task :graucho: hehe
  15. I was waiting for you to chime in. I know you like bigger bags and they look great on you! I have tried but I feel silly with one on, plus I have no idea what I would put in there. I can fit almost all I need in a shoebag. ;)