Please excuse the dumb baby cabas question!!

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  1. Okay, I already know the answer to this question, but I have a teensy bit of hope left!

    Is it too late to find a baby coco cabas anywhere??? I am so desperate for one! :crybaby:
  2. I don't think they are on the shelves, but you can call the boutiques, Saks, NM and Nordstroms and get your name on their lists. I bet you can get one within a few weeks.
  3. They had it in white today at Saks in Troy, Mi. Ask for Delyse or Mary (tell her you wanted Delyse though, she's the best SA)- 248-614-3356.
  4. Thanks everyone! I live in Chicago and went to the boutique and NMs and asked for the coco cabas, not mentioning a size, baby or large, and the SAs looked at me like I was crazy. So I left confused, wondering if both the large and the baby are all gone!!
  5. ^I got my baby cabas in Black without a waitlist..LUCKILY..LOL..Call Carlos in Las Vegas Neiman Marcus..if anyone can get you one..its him!
  6. I was on the waitlist since october.. I got a call yesterday, but didn't get a chance to call back. There's a black baby cabas available at the Chanel Boutique in South Coast Plaza in California. The SA's name is Keiko. Tell her Elaine told you. Good luck!
  7. NM San Antonio is sold out of every color, except for Khaki. It's not at the store yet, but there is no waiting list as of yet...
  8. Charlotte Neiman's had a bronze today. Ask for Natasha. 704-442-7900
  9. Can someone please tell me what is the retail price for coco cabas?
    Will I able to emailing them instead of ringing?
  10. Its 1795 for the baby cabas
  11. I don't think "baby cabas" is the official name of the bag. I think it was adopted name on this forum. LOL
  12. Any idea when khaki will arrive? Will it be in time for this week's InCircle event?!
  13. I thought you had to be on waitlists for these things? How do you circumvent those when there are so many people waiting? I'm new to the whole waitlist thing so this is very confusing for me...even the ones that are "available" - why aren't they going to people on the waitlists? Sorry for the rant, I was on a waitlist and got passed, but I'm getting mine now so it's all good.
  14. I don't understand the waitlist thing either. The SA sold me a white one yesterday and I saw the wait list with people looking for white. She also had a bronze that she would have sold as well, again despite the waiting list.
  15. ^ I think that if you are a good (i.e., buys bags throughout the year) customer, and the SA has the bag in her possession, chances are he or she will sell the bag to you instead of the anonymous name on the list because the SAs want to keep their loyal, bag buying customers happy. I've found that I rarely manage to get a bag when I put my name down on a random store waitlist, but now that I tend to use one SA, I am able to get the bags I am interested in. :smile: The waitlist system is not the best or the fairest.:shrugs: