please excuse my ignorance

  1. but can orders be placed through 1-866-vuitton worldwide? or only in u.s.? thanks!
  2. worldwide
  3. what currency is used in pricing? usd? or is it the same price as local lv boutiques? thanks!!!
  4. really??? when i tried to find my neo speedy, LV told me theres none in Europe, i said they have some in the US, and she said, well yes thats a completley different market darling! So i thought if you were in the uK you couldnt order from the states? xx
  5. ^^my thought too!
  6. i would call the nearest LV boutique. i don't think people in europe/outside the US can order via this number...
  7. ok thanks!
  8. I thought 1-866 is only for USA/Canada...
  9. me too!