Please excuse my Chanel ignorance...

  1. I'm new to Chanel and I've been trying to read all the threads on classic flaps and I'm curious, why do some classic flaps have bigger CCs on the front that others? Also, why do some sell for $600+ more than others when they are the same size or same material? I see some buy it now on eBay for $2000 then I see some for $1200, etc. :confused1:

    Thanks for anyone who can enlighten a Chanel noob! :heart:
  2. I guess you are refering to the price on eBay? Well probably price varies due to condition. Some might be used some might be new? Some might even be fake. I will suggest you to check the Chanel reference Library. There're info about sizes, materials, prices everything there. A very good source! Good luck :smile:
  3. ^^and be sure to post an eBay auction in the authentication thread.
  4. not all flaps are considered true Classic Flaps. . .
    also different prices on eBay are subjective. . . depends on how much mark up a Seller is adding, condition of bag, rareness of bag. . . .
  5. I'm seriously getting a headache trying to learn so much and trying to find the right post, etc. :push: I saw some flaps on ebay and I am wondering how come some black classic flaps have black interior and some have a dark red interior?

  6. what is considered a true/not true classic flap?
  7. I think thats the ebay price
    but if u go to the boutique Chanel are range from 1000-3000 !!
  8. Older versions of the flap will have the burgundy interior. Newer versions have the black interior or white if the bag is white, for instance.
  9. Also I've seen some of the older, vintage flaps with much larger CC's on the front
  10. oooh got it! :yes: That's really helpful, thanks!

    So it's not just the jumbo bags that have the bigger CCs? It's the older flaps?

  11. Check out the chanel reference library and you see the difference between the newer flaps and the vintage ones.:yes:
  12. I can't think of a Classic Flap w/ oversized CC's{?}
    There's other flap bags w/ them though.
    Do you have an example?