Please everyone I am a new member check out my new MC NOE!!

  1. I have just bought myself a new multicolour NOE...what do you guys you love it or should I exchange for a black?!?!?!

  2. I love the white noe!! Welcome to the forum and CONGRATS!
  3. It's fabulous! Enjoy!
  4. Welcome.:welcome: Congrats on your MC noe - it's gorgeous. I have a black MC noe and it's one of my faves.
    Enjoy using your new bag.:yahoo:
  5. I love it but I love the black too...maybe you should buy both :graucho:

    Welcome to TPF...let the obsession begin LOL
  6. LVoe your MC Noe. Can never go wrong with MC. Congratz!
  7. Sorry forgot to post a picture!! Here it is!! :p
    NOE1.jpg NOE4.jpg
  8. Welcome. I am a newbie, too. Ooooh, it is really beautiful. I would keep it. You can get a black bag later. Believe me, if you stick around here, you will have quite a few in the near future. :smile:
  9. Keep The White! Congrats!
  10. very nice, I like the white!
  11. Hi, welcome to the forum :smile:
    Your Noe is gorgeous, great choice!
  12. Definitely keep it, it's so cute! Congrats & welcome to tPF :smile:
  13. The white is goregous and great for the spring/summer season. Congrats & welcome.
  14. I think it's a HOT bag.Just in time for summer
  15. Keep it! It's adorable!