Please end our debate-Navy chanel bag with black clothing? YES or NO?

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  1. Good morning ladies. :wondering Please help end our rather heated debate regarding the position that since "navy was/is the new black" it is indeed permissible to carry a Chanel navy bag while wearing all black clothing? YES or NO? We thank you!
  2. Yes... why not??
  3. Yes.
  4. yes!
  5. girls! unless you post photos it is NOT possible to say! you must know that....
  6. yes, I don't understand why not?
  7. yes and why not?
  8. yes, as long as it look intentional and not like an "oops.. tried to pass this off as black, but I guess it didn't work"
  9. yup! I think it works!
  10. YES! Go for it!
  11. haha and i say YES too!

  12. Black clothes and navy bag- YES... black pants, navy shoes NO!!:lolots:
  13. yes. why not?
  14. For me, its a no. Im waaaay to matchy matchy (I know, its a problem, I have a 3 colors rule too, ''you dont wear more that 3 colors on you or you'll look like a raibow''...)

    Maybe you could add more navy to your ensemble, so it looks on purpose. As OlgaMUA wisely said, you dont want to make it looks like an accident. If you mix black and navy, than stick to it and go all the way... IMO.

    Post some pics (if you can) thay way our comments can be more specific!
  15. I have to say no too. Too many better color bags to go with black;)