Please educate me on the bird...

  1. So I'm toying with the idea of possibly acquiring some spotted skin but have no clue as to its durability. Does ostrich sag over time? Is it a stiff or supple leather? :confused1: How does it age? Does it patina well over time?

    My sincere apologies for being so clueless but I literally have no idea. In my remote Alaskan region, I've only seen three ostrich bags - all kellys. One was a stiff TDF black 35 sellier ostrich (GH):love:. And the other two were retourne (pale greyish purple and fuschia). Both quite lovely and showed advanced stages of daily wear.

    All these recent postings just has me thinking.:angel:
  2. WELL! *S'Mom rubbing her hands together*. Ostrich is FANTASTIC, IMO. Durable, GORGEOUS, lightweight, GORGEOUS, sturdy, GORGEOUS, Stylish, GORGEOUS and chic (did I mention that it was gorgeous??????)

    Mine is a few years old and has patinaed nicely. I don't baby it and it's held up beautifully so far. I've gotten it caught in a light rain without problems. It's lighter in weight than any of my other bags. I see no signs of sagging.

    THere are a few things to be mindful of though. The "spots" can peel a little BUT they are repairable so no real worries there. If you get a light color Ostrich the handles will darken before the rest of the bag. And if you are in bright sunlight most of the time, the bag will LIGHTEN.

    Here's mine.....I adore it and highly recommend one!!!!!
  3. S'Mom, your Birkin IS gorgeous! I've never contemplated owning an Ostrich bag. I've always liken it to a bag with goose bumps. BUT.... lately, after viewing Violine Birkins from fellow tPFers, I'm hooked. I've mentioned the idea to DH and he's getting reeeeally nervous.
  4. SMom, your bag is utterly gorgeous (did I mention it's gorgeous)!!
  5. SMom, your bird has aged so gracefully!
  6. there has been a few school of tots abt the lovely birdie in the past older threads - some say its so hardy/durable, some say its fragile...

    since the past threads, i can guess there is quite an increase of birdie owners here in the forum - i wld also love to read/hear more of their personal experiences with their 'birds' & how they are holding up. :biggrin:
  7. S'Mom, You rock! I've learned so much!!! How about show & tell your complete collection? :p

  8. D ~ Your Ostrich Is Soooo Beyond Beautiful:love:
  9. S'Mom, your birdie is TD4! :love:
  10. @ S'mom's bird: :drool:
  11. ostrich is considered by many to be the longest lasting of all leathers. it really doesnt dry out the way croc and regular leathers do. That is because ostrich skin is highly sinewy and fatty. The seams around the croc scales allow it to dry faster than a more uniform surface. Thats why Lizard drys out the fastest. It has the most scales and thus breaks in the surface. Additionally it requires the least chemical and artifical treatment in preparation for dye-ing. Lastly it repels and or absorbs and dissipates spots and stains like no other is anything but fragile. i have heard people mention the spots or quill pores coming off and i am sure its possible, but i have never seen it and i have seen some old bird.
  12. I agree....S'Mom, your Bird is TDF!!!! It's very elegant and chic!
  13. s'mom, I have no interest in Birds, but your bag is truly making me change my mine, if I even contemplate it, my H2B will not marry me, so I will look longingly at your bag from a far.x
  14. YAY!!!!!!!
    Ostrich is amazing. I love mine so much. In the summer, anytime my fuschia ostrich birkin comes out, people stop and stare and gush over it. it's so cute! the rest of the year, i use my vert anis ostrich birkin more than i ever thought i would with it being green. it goes with almost everything, black, cream, tan, brown, everthing in the middle too.

    They're both looking still virtually new. The corners don't show any wear at all. I'm super careful with my bags, but almost all the others I have did show wear much much sooner so I am thrilled. I have seen a couple spots flake a little bit but I'm not ready to take them to spa so I sort of pushed them back in and they're fine. I don't take them out on rainy days though because I have a fuschia ostrich keychain that got sprayed once under my umbrella and it does show a darker shade on portions of it where it didn't get wiped down soon enough.

    handles don't show any darkening at all. i wonder if that's because i wash my hands a lot (germophobic LOL) and i don't use the same bag every day for weeks, but i have seen pics of darkened ostrich handles around ... this doesn't bother me, i think it takes a long time to happen. it's super light and doesn't sag (both mine are birkins though, lined in chevre). perfect bags!

    OSTRICH IS won't be disappointed, go ahead and splurge!!!!
  15. I love the look of ostrich, and the durability is fantastic!!! I have a 31 bolide chocolat (maybe ?) and if I have to go out somewhere really nice and the weather is rough I take him and bring the 35 birkin rain coat. I bought this little guy at H in 1992. Personally I prefer the lighter colors because they show off the quill pores better. Some people I know like the darker colors for a more subtle look.