Please ease my mind....

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  1. Okay, so for memorial day weekend, I am going out of state. Leaving early saturday morning returning sunday afternoon. The problem is that I cannot bring my cat with me as no one will be able to look after her in the hotel, and there will be stops(malls, restaurants, etc) along the way, and she obviously can't be in the car ever. There has always been someone to watch her or check on her when I go out of town, this time there isn't. She has never(almost 5 years old) been alone for such a long time and overnight. I love her so much and I am paranoid and worried about her. Is this a bad thing to do to leave her alone for this amount of time or am I just being a worried mother and I need to relax. Someone please ease my mind, unless it's not the best thing to do.
  2. I don't have any cats, I have dogs. But, I think if your cat is used to being inside, she should be ok over the weekend. You have kitty litter, food, water- right? As long as you leave some ventilation and close of the areas you don't want the cat to be.
    I hope this is good advice..... maybe have some cat screensavers for her to watch???
  3. Thanks! She is a stictly indoor cat. I plan on leaving a couple bowls of food and water, and she has two litter boxes. I was thinking about leaving on animal planet, but then again I am paranoid about leaving a TV on being a hazard.
  4. Ask a friend to stop by and feed her/check on her every once in a while. But if you can't find anyone, leave one light on and leave a radio playing softly so the cat thinks someone is home.

    (And have a great weekend!)
  5. Thanks! No one is available to be able to stop by(no one that I trust, anyways.) Last time when she was alone only during the night (for about 8 hours during the night) she threw up, and it wasn't a hairball. I think she got stressed out that no one was there. Poor kitty. :sad:
  6. So maybe think about doing the light and the radio thing.
  7. We leave our cat alone overnight when there isn't anyway for someone else to watch her and she has always been fine. Since your cat hasn't been left alone, I would leave a light on for her near her food/litter/sleeping areas. IF you don't mind leaving a radio or tv on, that should help also. You might bring out some of her favorite items or something that has your scent on it that she can cuddle up on. I always leave some blinds open so she can crawl up on something and see outside also.
    I know that I tend to worry about our cat also, like she is a baby...just can't help it!
  8. Don't worry, your kitty will be fine. It's much different than having a dog. Cats are very self sufficient & as long as you have food, water, litter & maybe a few toys, they are good to go. I've had cats all my life & I've left them several times for weekend trips & never had a problem. They slept most of the time anyway:smile:

    Have fun!
  9. Thanks bgcutiepie00 and acegirl for the helpful and relieving words! I am becoming less worried now. I think I will call a few times and leave message on my answering machine so that she can hear my voice. She probably will sleep the day away anyways.
  10. Think you're right there! Purplekitty, not to worry, I think your cat will do just fine.
  11. Leave a blanket or a piece of clothing with your scent on it in a place that she goes to often. It will make her feel more secure like your stilll there.

  12. Your kitty is having my dream weekend--lots of food and peace n' quiet! LOL

    Maybe consider having a bud come over to check on her once, and have her call ya so you don't feel so nervous? I know that would ease my mind alot:yes:
  13. I've never had cats but from what I've seen they are usually pretty good at taking care of themselves. As long as your cat has food, water, litter box, she should be fine. My friend's roommate left his cat behind during Hurricane Katrina and the cat amazingly survived. So I'm sure being in the comforts of her home and having all she needs to eat and drink your kitty will do great.
  14. you're probably gone already but if its just an overnight trip she'll be fine. she might be real cranky though when you come home so expect alot of loud meowing and complaining....(and maybe a poop or 2 in your favorite shoes...)
  15. My neighbor left her cat also for the same amount of time, with no problems whats so ever. She left the radio playing in the family room so that there wasn't complete silence while they were away.

    She came home to a happy cat. :smile: