Please dress me for event!

  1. I'm allready thinking about this and I have no clue what to wear so I thought I would ask some of the biggest fashionistas I know: The ladies on the purse forum.

    Here's the occasion: My friend is dating a local singer and he's invited to this music award show here in Belgium and my friend is asking me to come. It's a red carpet/VIP kinda thing and quit big here in Belgium. There are gonna be lots of artist, local celebrities and rock bands. (I'm not gonna be where all the artist are but I could run into important people:graucho:)

    Now, what should I wear? I was thinking skinny jeans, had some dress or legging thoughts,... As you can tell: I'm clueless:confused1: I'm allready tall so I prefer no heels.

    Please help!:girlsigh:
  2. I definitely vote for a dress of some sort over jeans and leggings!
  3. I would definitely wear heels, even if you are tall because that will make you stand out (in a good way) even more.

    I'm not sure what's popular in Belgium.... But something "in the moment" and not too dressed up ... casual chic. Something a bit more avant garde/conceptual. I like Veronique Branquinho suits, maybe something like a kind of oversized tux blazer with the (dark) skinny jeans or a mini skirt and a black or cobalt blue patent shoe boots; or something rocker chick by Ann Demeulemeester: skinny pants, layered oversized tops, full skirt, severe boots, that sort of look.

    Sorry, not much help. I'm in the US and not thinking that much about fashion these days.

    Have fun!!
  4. I agree! Wear a dress :yes:
  5. Ok, not intending to be mean or demeaning, but I personally feel that the dress over leggings/jeans is so last year.

    I would agree with Sonya on the tux look. Maybe an updated YSL le smoking look - fussy satin/silk shirt under a sharp, tailored blazer and skinny trousers or high-waisted wide-legged trousers. Wear them with chunky heeled oxfords (I would agree with Sonya to wear heels no matter what too)... Carry a great clutch bag - the Medor clutch by Hermes would be a fantastic look.
  6. ^^Uh, I should clarify - I think you should wear a dress (period), RATHER than jeans or leggings! Not over jeans and leggings! :smile:
  7. ^ I understood what you meant. That's why I said "I agree. Wear a dress"

    I think a funky/edgy short dress and heels would be perfect.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad someone else can understanding my grammatically incorrect typing. :p
  9. Thanks allready for these ideas. I love the suggestions, but the tux look sounds a bit too mature for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great look but I wouldn't feel comfortable. (i'm 22 btw)
  10. Go for a dress - cos it looks so classy with heels and you will get noticed. Dress over jeans is so last year and they do chic big time in Belgium so wear something to impress! Hope you don't mind a little ole English gal's thoughts
  11. You don't have to do a tux, but I wouldn't go with a pretty dress and heels ... you want something with a bit of an edge. A dress is very "standard." It's a music awards show. So wear something a bit louder, bolder than usual ... and have fun with it.

    That's my suggestion.
  12. Vogue, can you be my stylist and provide the clothing and accessories? Thanks! LOL. You have such expensive taste. I thought I was bad.:p
  13. No jeans or leggings :o!!! Wear something hip and eyecatching! I like the idea of a mini dress ^^^but def. no leggins. Pencil skirt and a cute glam top would probably look good too :smile:
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