Please don't touch my bag

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  1. hey ladies, just wondering if u ever had a stranger/friend/family or whoever, that were so excited about your chanel that they grabbed it hard, snatched it, to look and feel it? or even end up dirtying it?
  2. Ha ha that's too funny!! My friends joke that i have my bag under lockdown!! ha But seriously DON'T TOUCH!!
  3. Last week I took my new Chanel to work for the first time. I had to go downstairs for something and I came back up and saw someone modeling it in the mirror. Does not bother me but I would never do it to someone else's bag.
  4. ^^ :wtf: Seriously, who does that?!?!
  5. I am ALWAYS like that, especially as 2 of my Chanels are lambskin and I am horribly paranoid about scratches and marks. Even with my distressed calfskin 226 I feel a bit iffy when my friends touch it... they are quite lax about their Chanels and other designer bags so really don't understand why I am so annoyed when they touch mine! :sweatdrop:
  6. Since most of my friends I have met at TPF meets. They totally understand. We all molest each others bags.
  7. OMG...........You are too funny! :lolots::lolots::lolots:
  8. What?????

  9. omg nymifashion, we must be working in the same place, cos my colleague does the exact same thing!!!!

    She comes over to my desk to check out my bag-of-the-day, and then grabs and strokes it, and starts modelling it. I don't really mind when she does that with my throwaround bags but when it comes to my pristine-white bags or lambskin Chanels, I *TOTALLY SHRIEK AND PANIC INSIDE* while I try to compose myself to gently take it away from her. A little off-topic, but same colleague once grabbed my brand-new Loubies from their shoe-box, threw them to the floor, shoved her (2 sizes bigger than mine) feet into them and started modelling them. AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  10. I don't mind provided they ask, but people keep touching my python Wild 2.55. It's like they can't help themselves. First they slyly gaze at it with a sideways glance, then they move alittle closer and before I know it...bam!...they have their hands on it! Eeek!
    The other bag that seems to attract roaming hands is my LV Speedy Mirage.
  11. cyndee, I totally understand why people would wanna touch your Wild 2.55!!! I've never seen it in real life, but it looks so amazing in pictures, and I can imagine the scales would be superfun to touch. I would definitely be tempted to sneak a stroke (but I wouldn't, of course!!) You're so lucky to have one!
  12. haha, I so know what you mean about panicking and shrieking inside!! :shocked:

    I hate it even more when people do it to my son!! the other day, a weirdo even whipped out her phone and started taking pictures of him!!!!!!

  13. Its happened 2 times so far!!!!!

    i was violent! grabbed it so hard i thought the lady scratched it with her nails
  14. the shoe part would bother me way more than the chanels!!! no matter the brand even, when your feet are too big you gotta know trying on someone's shoes is just not a good idea. forget kinda gross.

    i am pretty carefree with my bags i have to say. except the bleu roi lamb maxi which has me a bit nervous... in part b/c of its surface area. so beautiful but so inviting for scratches ;)

  15. I am the same way! I am lax with my bags, but do take care of them

    but my blue roi lamb jumbo hasn't left the house yet........