Please don't stop the music?

  1. Any one know which CLs Rihannah is wearing in her new music video "Please Don't stop the Music" :jammin:?

    To me they look like Black Satin Rolandos or Rolandes.

    She was also wearing CLs in her previous music video :jammin::jammin:
  2. OMG I thought it was just me that noticed...I am not sure of the style but she is the princess of CLs...She had on a leopard pr in Shut up and Drive
  3. Yes, that's the other video I was thinking of. She wears them very well and I love her music :jammin:, even though I'm probably now classified as 'past it' :sad:.
  4. If you watch her videos, know her songs, and especially recognize her definitely are NOT "past it"!!!!! Way to be hip Panrixx!! :jammin:

    BTW, we love your male opinions and feedback, since most of our SO are clueless! :push:

  5. Thanks, I appreciate that :flowers:
  6. I was just watching the Basshunter 'Now that you're gone' music video :jammin: and there is a glimpse of a black pair of shoes that look very much like the CL Joli.

    Can any one confirm?
  7. I don't think it is, you can see the girl passing them in the mirror and they have black soles.. and a platform..
  8. The images pass so quickly I missed that. Well spotted.
  9. Ugh. I have this weird aversion to Rihanna. I think Xtina Aguilera takes the CL cake, tho.
  10. Agreed :tup:.

    Does she wear CLs in her music videos? I have'nt notice so far. I know Rihanna, Kylie M., Maddona and (I think) Gwen S. all have.
  11. Oh, and have you seen Paris Hilton's perfume ad for carnival, or peepshow or whatever? She's wearing pink Som 1's with a crystal heel, and some others ...

    Now I feel really dorky.