Please don't laugh...r/o

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  1. Ladies, I was just curious if someone could tell me how much an Hermes Shoulder Birkin might cost? Can you just walk into the boutique and buy one? Do you have to be a VIP client to get your hands on one, get on a waiting list??? Please don't laugh at me, I've never had the balls to walk into their store ever:smile: This young lady I know says she got two Birkin's and the when she told me the price, I was sounded too good to be true. If the price isn't too crazy, I'd like to ask my future husband if that could be my birthday, anniversary, wedding gift for the next 5 years.....hehhehehhehe. I'd never ask for another bag again:smile:
  2. I don't think anyone would laugh at you here! Unfortunately, I don't know much about the process myself - except for unsubstantiated rumors from people here and there. I've heard that there are long waiting lists, but I think it depends on what kind of bag you are looking to get. There was a Hermes store in my area, but I think they are currently closed for renovation. I would have gone in to ask for you! Good luck, and share if you find out anything.

  3. The shoulder Birkin for a "basic" leather is $7,500. I am not sure if they will make them in skins but those ofcourse would be more. And yes they are limited in production.
  4. I'm interested in the Jean Paul Gaultier Shoulder Birkin bag 35cm in Red Textured leather.
  5. I believe you do have to be on a waiting list and no you don't have to be a VIP client. If you are a VIP client though I think you can be ahead of the list than non-VIP's so I guess that helps. Anyway, I went to South Coast Plaza in Orange County, stepped into an Hermes store and asked how much a Birkin would cost and the salesperson said up to $9,000 to $10,000. Daaammmnnn!!! Is that for real?:amazed:
  6. actually the croc one with the diamonds is around $80,000 or so...
  7. Wow!!!
  8. I'm laughing now!!!!!!!!!
  9. actually, i think i would rather buy a bmw, LOL
  10. Ridiculous! you have any pictures of this monument?
  11. Whoa...$80K I think I would have to take a loan for this...Or marry a millionaire. LOL
  12. it's a gorgeous bag, but spending so much on a bag is ridiculous.
    here it is:

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  13. $80K!! Wow, that's bumping into house territory.

    Can you imagine? Taking out a 30 year mortgage for your handbag? lmao.
    But I bet Donald Trump's "wife of the month" has one. Maybe Oprah can give them away under the seats. Okay, yeah, I know I'm dreaming now. :biggrin:
  14. I love the 80k birkin, if only! :biggrin:
  15. $80,000 where I live is a down payment on a home and that would allow you to live with a comfortable mortagage payment.