Please don't laugh! Hermes Birkin 35cm

  1. What is the best way to obtain a 35 cm Birkin for my wife...I've got 4 years before she turns 50 and I just think she deserves one and if I can get one before then without using my last resort of paying a premium on eBay (and may even get ripped off) and such...even better...thanks in advance...petpringles!
  2. You may want to post this in the Hermes sub-forum. The ladies on there would be more than happy to give you tips.:tup:
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  4. Hi Petpringles,
    Honestly, being a man has its advantages (like you didn't already know that). Depending on where you live and how near you are to a Hermes boutique, you may very well be able to just walk in, talk to an SA (sales associate) and get lucky enough to have a bag either there for the taking or have the SA call you when the bag she wants comes in.
    If this is not practical or feasible, then there are definitely some reputable resellers on eBay, and not all of them charge outrageous premiums. In fact some of them are willing to sell bags very close to retail--but with no wait--if you don't use eBay or PayPal, because it saves them a LOT of money in fees.
    Good luck with your quest! I think that four years is more than enough time ;)
  5. Hi,
    Men sometimes have good luck buying form the Hermes stores. If there is one near you, go in, buy your wife a scarf and tell them you want to buy her a Brikin for her 50th. You will get one much sooner that 4 years would be my guess. Just be ready to buy if they call and tell you one is available in color you want. Could you keep in hidden for a few years, or would you just go ahead and give it to her? I say life is short and uncertain, give it to her as soon as you can get one.
  6. If that's the case, I'll just send my husband in to get on the list instead of trying for it myself. :nuts:
  7. Thanks Ladies...Yes, there was a Birkin but 50 cm last night at the Hermes store, way too big for what my wife wants but there was also a beautiful orange Togo Kelly 32 cm (I think) wife was leaning towards the Kelly but I think a Birkin is a Birkin and my wife liked the Kelly because of the color....but it there was an orange Birkin 35 cm she would have gone for that...which is her first choice. We left home empty handed last night.
    Hoping we did not make the wrong choice by the quest continues...lucky for you ladies who already have one or two or more!
  8. An orange togo Birkin would be super! Now you just need to decide on the hardware and the size.
  9. It looks like you are already on your way to buying one in-store! If I were you I would make a trip back to the store you visted last night with your wife (but this time alone) and speak to the same Sales Person who helped you. Tell them what bag in what color you want and why you want it. They should be responsive. I bet they take your phone number and give you a call when it comes in. If not.... you have more then enough time to find a good deal on ebay. Just make sure to post the bag in the "authenticate this" BEFORE buying. GOOD LUCK!;)
  10. About 6 years ago,
    Back when Birkins were almost impossible to get, my husband bet my girlfriend and I he could buy one over the phone. We laughed, BUT, He did indeed get one from the first Hermes he called. It took about 3 weeks after the first call. The SA took his cell number as he said it was a surprise for me. The Birkin was FedExed to him.
    I will add that my husband gives great telephone.
    And many stores no longer ship.
  11. For my 50th, my husband asked me what I wanted? I told him a Birkin and a Kelly,but it could take years to get them. He said GREAT! This was in May and by mid June I had a Birkin. I approached the store myself and gave them an imprint of my credit card so when something came in it could be paid for. I think you will find one before your wife turns 50!
    Good Luck
  12. What a nice present!
  13. Great advise and great stories...I wonder what mine will be after everything is said and done...Duchessofs!!!...I'd marry your husband! Birkin and a Kelly....impressive! And I thought I was a great husband for just attempting.

    My wife does not even know I am on this blog trying to get advise and sympathy!!! Thanks everyone...the SA did call my Blackberry that's why we went to the store. I went more to see and show him how serious we wondering if buying the kelly would have expedited things so to speak. Please tell me that that should have been my move but what a price!

    Does anybody know if European stores have better chances of receiving Birkins than store in the US? Also, is it true the Kelly is more popular in Europe than the Birkin? That was according to the SA at Hermes.

    Birkin is really something my wife wants and I want for her...still wishing here and thanks for everyone's encouragement...and most of all, advise!
  14. Would you have wanted the Kelly? If not, then don't think twice about not buying it.
    There are better ways to establish a relationship with an SA for your Birkin quest and you have a LOT of time!
    IF you're going to Europe, then of course you may want to visit the Mothership where you could - at least in theory - also place an order for your dream Birkin. Some members have scored quite nicely at 24, Faubourg.
  15. petpringles, you are a great husband for planning a great gift for your wifes 50th! My husband is wonderful and for some things he won't even blink at the price. Hermes prices shock him,and I am never going to be one of the women on this forum who have multiple Birkins.
    If your wife is going to have just one Birkin, I strongly advise you to purchase at an Hermes store. You have the time and you will always rest assured that it is authentic.