Please don't kick me but am I the only non Quilted Bay lover on here??

  1. I'm really sorry guys, really I am and I have tried and tried.

    I even went into the store today thinking right I am going to like her as she has been really growing on me seeing everyones pics on here. I went in and thought no no no no. Why can't I like her???

    Is it only me that is this freak of nature?

    I so want to like her and buy her but nothing, nada, zilch no feelings! I just don't like how it looks!

    Sorry sorry sorry everyone of you bay lovers!

    :love: :heart: :love: :heart:
  2. sorry double post
  3. oh yes, definitely :roflmfao:

    No!!! not really. Nobody can like every new bag, but I am in love with it, and have been from the very first time I saw it! God knows I have bored you enough with my talk of it!!!

    Maybe seeing it more and more and being carried by different people will make you like it, but you seem pretty sure of your feelings lol :biggrin:

    I personally love the fact that it is very new at the moment, an enigma, its exciting, fresh and new, and imo a big departure for Chloe :heart:
  4. I am actually beginning to agree, Secret, I haven't used mine yet.
    The thing that really bugs me is that you have to move away the two straps that hang down to get into the zipped pockets. That will be a pain for me as I like bags with pockets & actually use them. I am having second thoughts about this bag but still think it looks good.
  5. Roz thank god I'm not alone.

    Was beginning to think I would grow horns or something!

    CB so happy you are in love with yours, you have wanted one for soooo long and I know you will wear her with total and absolute pleasure.
  6. :wtf: :push: :confused1: I love it!

    But Chloe Babe is right - we all have our own tastes and what bag one of us love then someone else won't love it. Fair enough..............just go get those eyes of yours tested girl!! :wacko: :blink: :noggin:
  7. Booked in tomorrow Bal for some new glasses - obviously need them!
  8. Well Balchl, you are the perfect example, as you bought the Moka and have already ordered the Ivory :biggrin:, so it can't be bad can it!! :biggrin:
  9. I don't HATE it but I am not in love with it either. I do prefer the regular Bay bags, specially the one in Navy.
  10. Hun I'm with ya. I don't like the smooth Bay either. The quilted pattern reminds me of a vinyl car seat (no flames please). But hey, to each his own right? I'm go with 'the initial response thing' when I see a bag and unfortunately it wasn't there with the Bay IRL. Listen the Edith elicits the same response.

    Ultimately this is good for your pocket book!:shame:
  11. Susie yes - keeps a bit more funds for something else!
  12. Initially didn't like it one bit, then saw it IRL at Neiman's and decided I DID like it after all, then went back a week later to put myself on the waiting list for it . . . and bought a Chanel instead! It just didn't seem like me at the end of the day, kind of like a forced fit. (This is how I end up feeling about lots of things, from white bags to platform shoes . . . love 'em on others, hate 'em on me!)
  13. :wtf: Can't believe what I'm reading!

    Hehee... only kidding. We all have different taste and you can't love everything you see (that could get expensive). It's definitely growing on me. First time I saw the pics, everything seemed out of proportion - especially zipper pulls. I don't really like the plain Bay bags, they still look out of proportion, but the quilted bay is different. The quilting sort of puts everything into proportion, maybe coz it draws the eyes away from the weird looking zipper pulls. I love it.
  14. At first I hated the bay, but don't kick me for first I hated the paddy too!! I started to like the camel bay in the NM pics, then I saw the Chloé campaign and liked the black, the LVR pics sold me on the black bag. There are other Chloé bags I don't like though, I hate everything mettallic for example. No one has to like everything I guess!
  15. I am not too crazy about it either. I thought I might be the only one too. But then again I just bought my first paddington. So I am behind the curve. I do think that it looks great in the ads and I would admire it on someone, but I am just not dying to have it for myself. Which is a good thing for the bank account. I am really happy for those who have it, who have ordered it, and who are dreaming about it. For now, I love my paddy and looking for my next paddy purchase.