Please don't judge me: I want Katie Holmes' hair!

  1. Ok, save the flames!:p

    Seriously girls, I love her hair cut. I have thick straight/wavy combination red hair, down to past my shoulders. I haven't spoken to a hairdresser yet, because I don't want to just go with their opinion when I'm in the chair (the chair! the chair!). So I was wondering if anyone had any tips for this look for me?

    It takes on ave. about 45 minutes to an hour to blowdry my hair. Needless to say, I don't bother unless I have a special event on. If I go to the chin length bob, I am concerned my hair will just boof out, because it is so thick. Does anyone think maybe chemical straightening would help take the boof out?

    Does anyone have any other helpful comments, handy hints? TIA!:smile:
  2. Well please don't judge me, but of all the peoples' hairstyles to want, I guess hers has just not impressed me enough to pay much attention to it one way or the other.

    I haven't noticed that it is particularly curly, though, so I am guessing that you anticipate the biggest obstacle to your achieving it has to do with the fact that your hair is, and the style she has is a "smooth" one.

    If that is indeed the case, in addition to asking your stylist what she thinks about how the overall shape of whatever resides on Katie's brainwashed little head would look on your particular face, I would suggest that you be very honest with yourself about how realistic it would be for you to maintain the style on an everyday basis, in your real everyday life, without undergoing some sort of chemical straightening process, which would be a MUCH bigger question than simply getting a new hairdo!

    In fact, that would be such a big question that unless you have actually witnessed your stylist refuse to do things to peoples' hair that would hurt it, and preferably things that would cost a lot of money to do, I would strongly recommend that you get a second opinion on just how good a candidate your hair would be for a chemical procedure.

    Even though the stylist that has worked with your hair knows more about it, you should still be able to get a good professional opinion from a different one, and I would ask around among family and friends specifically seeking a stylist who regularly declines clients' requests to do even very expensive things, when those requests involve things that could be damaging to the client's hair.
  3. Hi bitten

    I am currently contemplating something similar! I have really "fat" hair - god, it's coarse and heavy and has a weird kink in it that's not really a wave, nor is it straight.

    I wouldn't go for chemical straightening, as you may end up with a limp bowl cut... what about a GHD straightener or something? A quick blow dry just to give it some shape and then straighten random bits and pieces just to calm it all down?

    Is your hair responsive to product? I love 'beach hair' products and matt balms - a pea-sized portion rubbed between the palms and smoothed over the top to take the boof out and it's all good!

    I think that with short hair, a bit of boof (sorry, body) is good and short hair tends to cope with a slight wave much better than long hair. At the end of the day, you are the best judge of what your hair is like. The best advice I can give you is to go in to your hairdresser with Katie's picture as a guide only... do not, under any circumstances, go in thinking that you will come out looking like Katie Holmes LOL.

    If you have been seriously thinking about this for a while, I think you should take the plunge - if it turns out terribly, it will grow back! Just go wild and do it!
  4. i don't know if this will help, or not... i have really straight, fine hair, but all the girls in the magazines have nice perfectly thick hair. so when i bring in picture, that doesn't match my face shape/hair type, my hair stylists always customizes the cut to fit me. with short hair like katie's you can't pull it back if you don't like it. i'm sure your stlist isn't going to cut your hair if she thinks it won't work... good luck. katie's hair is so cute!
  5. Thanks for your replies ladies!:okay:

    I will be going to the hairdresser sometime in the next week or so (crazy at work right now). Definitely will take Katie's picture in and see what they say.

    i_wona: I like the description 'fat hair'. I will use that!:p