"Please Don't Invite Us To Your Wedding" Couple Says

  1. Tue Feb 20, 8:58 AM

    BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Fed up with spending too many weekends going to weddings, an Argentine couple took out a paid announcement on the social pages of a major newspaper expressing their desire for some social neglect.
    "We thank you ahead of time for understanding this petition, which is due to our saturated social calendar," read the ad in La Nacion.

    Adolfo Caballero, 66, told a La Nacion reporter the flood of invitations came from the children of his dozens of cousins, friends from his club, and clients of his law firm.

    Argentine weddings are typically drawn-out affairs and Caballero said they take 12 hours out of most of his weekends, including long drives to and from the countryside, where it is currently fashionable to get married.

    "It's fun for youngsters who want to dance until 5 a.m. ... but the next day I'm tired and I can't move when I want to go play tennis," Caballero said.
  2. They can't just RSVP 'no' when people invite them?
  3. At their age and with the way they act, I bet they were invited for cards/gifts. :rolleyes:
  4. That's funny! That is how my Argentine grandma acts! lol!
  5. A little lacking in tact, but too funny!
  6. LOL, apparently not! Maybe it's a cultural thing?
  7. Shoot. Give me the invite. I'll go. I love a good wedding. If I were any good, I'd be a wedding crasher like Owen and Vince! :lol:
  8. Oh, you know what? I think they told people not to send them any more invitations because if you're sent an invitation and even if you RSVP 'no,' it's customary to send a card or a gift.

    (Well, technically, they don't 'have' to send anything, but it would be polite to at least send a card.)

    Maybe they just don't want to send any more cards or gifts.

  9. Same here!! I love weddings! :biggrin:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ...I know just check the box next to the yes box.
  11. I agree with them. Someitmes it's nice to be expected to be soem where. ANd this is coming from a 25 year old. lol
  12. haha i cant belive they did that.. i wonder what the ppl that invited them to wddings thought
  13. i say we find thier addys and send them an invite, who knows maybe we'll get a cute handbag as our gift :smile: hehe