Please don't hate me

  1. Some of you know by now how obsessed I was in finding a paddy and how excited I was when she finally came...well, I just found out that love doesn't always conquer all. :sad: I have chronic back pains and although I love my paddy to death after a week or so of carrying her around, I came to realize that it was just to much for my poor back...

    So, I've decided to let her go... luckily one of our dear PF members wanted to trade her rusty BV for a whiskey paddy and we've decided to trade! (she says that the color of the BV is very similar to the whiskey)

    For all you paddy lovers out there... don't hate me! But she was just not for me. Why on earth did they make the padlocks so heavy???!!! :sad:
  2. Aww, don't feel so bad. I went to Neimans to buy one on Thursday and that padlock was just too much for me. It is a fab bag but what's the use if it weighs a ton empty!!
  3. Jeannie it's best to do what works for YOU like you did. That's wonderful you could trade for the BV. Paddy isn't for everyone as it IS a heavy bag...the padlock alone weighs a ton!
  4. I know... it's just such a pity though! It's such a GORGEOUS bag... :sad:
  5. Don't feel bad - we all are known for changing our minds on bags sometimes just because we finally got it! It's smart to trade for one that works better for you. We DO know you have good taste, if not a good back!
  6. I'm not a fan of the Paddy either because of the lock. If someone is interested in getting a Paddy I just saw a ton of them at Nordstrom's in White Plains, NY at The Westchester.
  7. don't feel bad hun =) you gotta find the bag that's right for you in terms of looks AND function!
    i fell in love w so many bags, but found that i never actually used them all that much, so passed them along... just cos you love something when it's sitting there at home doesn't mean you will when you're carrying it out and about...

    anyway the bv is lovely! hope that fits in perfectly =)
  8. You should feel proud of yourself that you did what was right for you!!
  9. Good for you Jeannie! You should enjoy actually wearing a bag- not being hurt by it! And a BV is so beautiful and classic, it will take the sting away once you get it in your hands!
  10. Yeah... I guess... I was so sad though I sat down and kept on petting her for about 10 min. before I packed her up. I'm shipping her out tomorrow. :sad:
  11. Great trade. I know your bags will be happy!!!
  12. TRAITOR!!! LOL! Just kidding!:lol::lol::lol:

    No, of course we don't hate you. You have to think of your health first. Ooh can't wait for you to get the BV bag. Show us pics when u do get her!
  13. Yes, the paddy is such a beautiful bag but the design is lacking in terms of feasiblity. >___< I would have bought the paddy for the looks if I've extra cash but I don't, so I convinced myself to turn to other lighter bags.

    Don't feel bad! Not all of us are born with strong shoulders and arms!
  14. I feel your pain! And that is why my paddy is spending a lot of time in my closet.
  15. Ok... I feel a bit better now... plus my paddy should be happy she's getting a new mommy who won't b**** about how heavy she is, right? ;) I'll definately post pics once I get the BV. As jag said up there the rust woven BV is a classic, so I'm thinking this is a good trade too.