Please dont hate me but i have to ask....


Nov 8, 2007
Okay so i need your help...
Ive been looking for a pink bag for a while and was bummed when i missed out on the pink patent ergo satchel, but i heard its coming back..
Now i was going to go ahead and purchase it but then i saw another bag that i liked. So now im not sure which to choose:confused1:. The other is a marc by marc jacobs.
Which do you prefer??
Thank you

Here is the link



and of course

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Sep 18, 2008
You realize that asking this question on a Coach forum will bring you very biased answers... :biggrin:

However, just going by looks, the ergo is way more my style. The Marc looks a bit shapeless and huge. But if it's size you need, then obviously the Marc.
Dec 4, 2006
I'm not sure how biased my answer is because I do own a couple M by MJs, but I also have the ergo and I LOVE that bag which is the one I would go with. Also, I noticed that the MJ says its neon and that shade of pink does not sound appealing.


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
I love MJ and I love Coach. They are both at the top of my favourite designers lists in terms of handbags. But, honestly, I have to say I think the MJ bag is hideous. It's gigantic for starters, the detailing makes it look like it has literally been stapled together, and the colour is so 80's neon. Granted, I have a very classic and ladylike taste when it comes to handbags, but even a lover of funky modern styles would have to admit that this MJ is extremely dated. On the other hand, the patent ergo is classic, a good size, not too over the top in detailing, and has a much more tasteful colour.

Please forgive me if I seem too blunt or rude. I would simply hate to see anyone buy a bag that they might look back to regret. IF you truly love the MJ then regardless of what I say you should get it. Just make sure you really love the bag you end up with and can see yourself wearing in a few years, not just right now.