Please don't ever leave valuables in your car!

  1. I am so mad! :mad: I have told my husband over and over not to leave his wallet in his car. We woke up this morning to find shattered glass everywhere and his wallet, laptop and all personal papers in his briefcase were stolen! :mad: :evil: Unfortnately, he had also thrown our home laptop in his car last night so my daughter couldn't go on can't get back on until she raises a few bad grades at school)-and that was stolen as well. Someone also broke into my neighbor's two cars across the street and she had left her purse in her car!! :wacko: Somehow my car was spared...maybe because I don't keep anything in it. Do any of you leave valuables like this in your car? If you do, I hope this helps as a warning...please don't. :sad2:
  2. Ay Marly! That stinks big time! :sad: Did you file a police report? If not, you should, because police officers often check pawn shops for stolen goods, and they *may* be able to find your stuff.

    My husband did the same thing with his PDA a few years ago. Oh, I was so mad at him! But, to be fair, when I was a teenager, and a little bit. . .ahem. . .less responsible, I left my car door unlocked with my cell phone inside. Suprise, surprise, it was gone the next morning.

    When my husband's PDA was stolen, though, we were advised to file a police report, just in the random event it was ever recovered. Good luck!!
  3. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear this happened to you!!
  4. I never leave valuables in my car EVER. That's just asking for someone to break into your car! I'm sorry this happened to you. How terrible! I'm guessing the car was parked on the street?? A serial burglar... be careful!!
  5. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I rarely leave anything in my car, let alone valuables.
  6. OMG! That is crazy. There are lots bad people out there nowaday :Push:
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I try not to leave valuables in my car if I can help it. If I go shopping, I try to get back home to drop my stuff off. If I can't get home then I try to delay my shopping till later in the day OR I put my purchases in the trunk (at least it's not in plain view that way). Thanks for the heads up though. Sometimes we all forget that people are out there waiting for a chance to steal something.
  8. OMG ! I'm sorry this happend to you.

    I have the same problem with my husband too. He always leave his wallet, camera and his RC stuff in the car. His car is not tinted so you can see everything in there.

    Men.. they just don't listen....
  9. Oh yikes, that's terrible! So sorry to hear that happened to you. I live in a major city, so I never leave anything of even a little value in the car. It would just be too tempting to the shady Philly folks.
  10. SO sorry to hear this happened to you!! A few years ago my car window was broken for my stereo. So violating. I'll add that this was when I lived in what was voted as America's Safest City. My stepdaughter started to leave the LV we'd bought her in the car :blink: and I nipped that habit in the bud!
  11. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I never leave anything of value in our cars, it's asking for trouble. A few of my neighbors had their cars broken in to this past year, took whatever they could and cell phones and electonic stuff was a common thing taken. I never understood how women would leave their purses in the car. My friend did that all the time and it drove me crazy....
    I hope your loss is covered by insurance. We had our car window smashed a few months ago and nothing was taken from the car, but there really wasn't anything to take and we had tinted windows so I guess one would not know. Our car insurance paid for all damage to the car and I hope yours covers it and perhaps the homeowners insurance will cover you stuff. I wish you the best. I wouldn't know what to do with having personal computer stuff stolen (UGH).
  12. i never do.. i'm way too paranoid about it being broken into to even try it.
  13. Wow! People LEAVE stuff in their car?? I've got to get out into the country more, I guess. I lived in Chicago for many years. Once I left a quarter...a QUARTER in my car and the window was bashed in for it. $250 window replacement for a quarter. ahhh, city life.
  14. Im so sorry for what happened to you, but remember karma comes around. :sad2:
  15. I am so sorry this happened to you Marly!

    Yes, be careful everyone. Our neighborhood went through a phase too of breakins. It happened to use twice!

    We live on a street full of townhomes that are surrounded by multimillion dollar homes (yea sucks for them). So, there are cops and security monitoring all the time. We were surprised that they got away without dogs barking, people living near the street hearing...

    This is what the cops told us. IF you tap a spark plug to the window the window just shatters so no more, loud noises or messiness.

    These people just walk around and do this to cars and just walk away without anyone noticing... Scary!

    Another VERY IMPORTANT lesson I learned. My neighbor had his car stolen. They recovered it but it was thrashed. There were no signs of a break in. We concluded that when he took his car in for a paint job, they made a copy of his key, and on his paperwork, they figured out his home and took it right from his driveway. Easy as pie.

    MAKE sure to use a fake address if you ever take your car to the shop, oil change, etc... There are nasty people out there, try to prevent what you can!