PLEASE do not SLAM me...

  1. We all love our very much. Some have adopted, some have not....I do not know the ins and outs of all the rules of shelters in different states. I know ours. I also know if one had a chance to adopt from a pet store OR a shelter you are doing BOTH a favor. Pet mills=pet stores, abused (in the same or different, HOWEVER to me abuse is a abuse ) me love is love and its all saving a wonderful pet. Okay now let me have it.
  2. I totally agree with you that pet store=puppy mills=abuse.

    However, if you buy an animal from a pet store, you are giving that one animal a great life, but perpetuating the cycle of abuse, KWIM?

  3. this is totally unrelated, sorry to hijack your post sunshine....
    as i was walking through the pet store that other day (located in the mall)... i was thinking what actually happen to these animals once the store is close. are they there all night? do they go on walks? do they just get stuck in the little cage being displayed in the mall?
    how is this humane?
    i did not go and ask because i knew i was going to get so angry and emotional if the answer is unfavorable for the animals.

    does anybody know?
  4. o my gosh sunshine i totally know what you mean it is saving a life from a pet store or from a shelter

    i guess its hard for people to see it that way sometimes though because you feel like more animals are getting euthanized @ shelters more frequently then pet shops

    but i personally cannot even go into or near pet stores with cats and puppies because i want to scream

    it makes me SO upset to see them stuck in their little cages, all isolated, with little attention never getting much excersize i mean i know SOME animal stores play with them let them out a little but at the end of the day they are locked in tiny cages for a good part of their day and that is no life :sad:
  5. There will always be homeless dogs in shelters. When someone buys from a pet store yes you are giving a life to that pup but like couturegrl said it perpetuates a cycle. If people didn't buy from pet stores in the first place those pups would not be bred and have to be "saved".
  6. Sunshine - first off you are such a doll no one would slam you!

    Second of all I agree w/ the way you look at this. The only thing is that w/ shelter dogs you may be saving their life by adopting them and you aren't paying the price that pet stores charge to perpetuate the puppy mills.

    I used to volunteer at a no-kill shelter walking the dogs once or twice a week. They are older dogs that are not used to being in kennels and some become "kennel crazy" b/c they rarely get out. Very few people had the time to walk them and it was truly sad. The puppies always got snatched up right away but I saw some of these other dogs went unadopted for the entire time I volunteered there (a year).

    I love puppies and personally adopted one myself 12 years ago but older shelter dogs are a great option as well and I always wanted to take everyone of them home w/ me (dh had to stop me).

    Sorry, I totally veered off topic I think!! Me bad!!
  7. I love reading peoples thoughts...LOVE IT!
    I have to add, I adopted my cat from a shelter...(and it passed away a year and half later...) :crybaby: BEST cat I ever had of my pups I bought from a pet store. It was at the most depressing time of my life (about a week after my father passed away) and I was a total wreck.. I walked in the pet store and there was my Violet..running all around the pet store just hanging out. It was love at first sight. I still go in that pet store and what pups they have get to run around and play, and the owner takes them home with her at night. I love her! my other pup (Lilly) I bought from a breeder as I was looking for a certain color and she has the personality of a CLOWN...just a beautiful personality. I would LOVE to adopt a dog from our shelter...that I visit once a week to see the dogs and see how they are doing etc..(its something I love doing and tell NO ONE!!) I have thought about volunteering there...still thinking about it. Long story short I do not know much about puppy mills and I think either way (shelter or pet store) its still love...for the animal and giving it a wonderful life. If buying it from a pet store then keeps puppy mills going..then if we did not buy them from pet stores...where would the puppy then go?
  8. Sunshine - first off you are such a doll no one would slam you!

  9. Read away:

    If you even get past the first link without crying and become outraged, I'd be surprised since you obviously love dogs.

    Puppy mills are canine concentration camps, only worse. They all need to be shut down and their operators should rot in HELL or be put in a puppy mill themselves for eternity! :cursing:
  10. Sunshine, it sounds like you got your pup from a pet store owned by a reputable businesswoman. I do think that there are pet stores like that out there (like the one owned by the Martha Stuart guy, Mark Moran? His store seems to carry pups and kittens). Most of us think of those awful stores at the mall like PassPets when we think of pet stores. I always advocate adopting from a shelter or rescue group first - I've never owned an animal that wasn't rescued. But my bf is really pro-breeder (he likes large dogs, and thinks that it's risky to own a big and powerful animal that perhaps wasn't trained or properly cared for), and I can see his perspective too. At least for cats, I would say adopt, you can always find a sweetie at a shelter. But for dogs, I can see going with a reputable breedor or vendor too.
  11. Prada's right, puppy mills are terrible places.
  12. Inadvertently, I got Prince from a puppy mill - an Amish puppy mill. I called a number in a local paper one Saturday night and ended up going to look at pups that evening. Prince was a "cast off" because he was going to get too big to breed. Yep, that came right out of the young Amish mans' mouth. Imagine, a 10# dog being too big to breed. It's sad what the almighty $$ does to people. The circumstance that he came from just turns my stomach. He still has a hard time being contained, even to the bedroom. If the door is closed, he is most unhappy. I'm sure this comes from his first 12 weeks being caged. :sad:

  13. Exactly, and not just puppy mills. This is why dog fighting still runs rampant all over the country. Big bucks to be made at the expense of innocent dogs' lives. :cursing:
  14. I am a big supporter of the SPCA and I would love to buy another shelter dog when I have the chance, time, and money to. Now that I live in Germany I'm not really sure how the shelters here work...But anyway.

    My first (and only) dog came from the Shelter. He was a little puppy that looked like a big black poof. We named him Bear since I thought he looked like a little bear, lol. He was the best dog ever...Very smart, sweet, and loving. When he died it was devistating to me. I was in the 9th grade and I remember being so upset from crying in class that my teacher had me go to the guidance counselors office to talk for a while. Ugh, it was horrible.

    I wasn't aware that we were saving a dog's life when we bought him (I was too young), but I know that now and I'm very proud to say that I did that. I'd love to get another shelter dog...They are the best.

    Okay, now excuse me while I go get my tissues, lol. THinking about Bear made me start to cry

  15. I used to work at a petshop in Chicago. At the end of the night we would let out some of the pups to play while we cleaned up. But, a vast majority spend the entire time in their cages. Also, if within 6 months they were not sold they would be returned to the breeder. Rumor was that the breeder would then euthinize the animals as they are unsellable and not breed worthy.

    I have bought from pet stores and I have bought from breeders. IMO its about giving an animal a home.