please do not shoot me! cl with out red soles?

  1. would anyone know on here if you could special order louboutins without the red sole?if that isnot an option anyone ever had a cobbler changed the whole sole ? if so what was the outcome like if that is even possible
    thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. I think so there was another thread here about someone ordering shoes with tiffany blue soles for a wedding.
  3. mhmm sounds promising so if he does blue he sure will do normal leather soles (like choo or blahnik or rossi does )
  4. You should call a CL store, I know there are a couple new styles without them this year.
  5. I think they'll do just about anything for SO ... I want the blue soles for my wedding shoes (someday ... !).
  6. It would be interesting if they would do the shoes without the red soles considering they just got the patent to do the red soles.
  7. Actually they aren't doing the blue soles anymore... since he has patented red he will only do that color but a cobbler can change teh sole for you!
  8. He's actually patened it now, that's so gooddd :biggrin:
  9. Just curious -- why don't you want the red sole?
  10. well i find it too loud lately in every sense of the meaning kwim. but that is as i said before totally personal and no attack whatsoever towards those members who love them.
    it is kind of funny the lady at louboutin asked the same question and was kind of shocked that i even considered it. but to answer my original question the answer was no they won´t do it no matter what. what a shame i really like some of his designs but will check with my cobbler if he has a solution :flowers:
  11. I understand what you mean, and I hope what I'm about to say doesn't offend anyone either. Lately I have been really into wardrobe items that aren't identifiable immediately (by the general populace at least)... Bottega Veneta bags, Manolo Blahnik shoes, etc. I'm just not into wearing anything that is "it" (although I do think CL will be classic forever).

    What I love about CL is not the red sole, so with or without, it doesn't matter. I've haven't sprung for a pair of CLs yet because other brands keep catching my eye. Generally, CL's shoes are a little sexier than, say, Manolo, and at the current time, I have very little need for the beautiful, exquisite "party" shoes he does in satin, etc.

  12. They still do the least as of last week.
  13. Red soles or not, CL's will remail popular forever. But I think, the red makes them more interesting and sexy.
  14. Sad news ladie :sad:. CL will no longer do Blue sole's due to copyright issues. I was going to have it done for mine, but the lady at CL boutique told me no.
  15. I love the red sole, but if you don't want them I see no reason why you couldn't get a cobbler to change the sole. I have a friend who cuts the tags off her coach bags and such. A lot of people just don't like an obvious designer item but like the design. I have seen a couple of Gucci shoes I liked but wouldn't buy because they said "GUCCI" really big on the side.