Please do not 'Rub' my LV!

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  1. Okay, I really appreciate that you like my LV, but I would really appreciate even more if you don't rub your grimy hands all over my bag. What is that about?

    Are they testing it for authenticity, what. I do not like that.
  2. i'm very LOOK but don't touch also!!! :roflmfao:!!
  3. I totally hate this too. This woman at my hair salon always manhandles my bags and she always keeps trying to get me to sell them to her. Some people just have no class
    Only if you're my friend are you allowed to touch my bag without permission :smile:
  4. LOL! True story!!! :smile: I would never even touch another woman's bag unless she asked me to hand it to her. Other than that, why would you touch someone's bag?!?!?! I can't stand that!
  5. I totally feel you! Why do some people think it's ok to manhandle my personal property? I have some friends who are bag lovers and when I show them and I hand it to them, they know it's ok to touch. Other than that, hands off please!
  6. I was at the mall on time. Was a friday so it werent that crowded...Saw this women w her family carrying an obvious fake. I was with my dh and ds2, carrying my delightful gm for the first time so it was brand spanking new. That family was coming to my direction, and it looked like if I don't move she's gonna bang into me ... I moved but she still manages to touch my new delightful with the back of her hand. I was so mad! What was she doing? Trying to touch to authenticate or she wants to know what an authenticate one feels like? Ewwwwwwww I hope her hand is clean
  7. I think most people are in awe of authentic LV bags knowing that they may never own one so they want to know what high end luxury bags feel like. However, if I don't know you very well or at all, don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you, LV or not!

    I think if someone would like to touch someone else's belongings, they should at least ask permission.

    edit: I don't even like it when my DH touches my bags. I couldn't imagine if a stranger touched my LV and left a dirty paw print on my vachetta!
  8. Oh yeah!! Don't touch my bag!!
  9. Touching one thing but rubbing like it is an ink spot on your hand that you're trying to get out is another. Totally browned off at the nerve of some women.
  10. I work in the fitness industry and use my large designer bags to hold all the paraphenalia I need for teaching classes.

    One morning I had my navy Goyard St. Louis tote and stopped in the restroom before class. I put the bag down on a table and walked over toward the bathroom stalls. All of a sudden I heard a woman ask another woman "Is that your bag?" and knew she was referring to my Goyard so I turned around and said to her, "It's my bag." She said she loves totes and wanted to ask me some questions about it which I said I would answer when I was out of the bathroom. I had no reason not to trust her; the clientelle of this health club is mostly comprised of senior citizens and she looked to be in her 60's, harmless and with good intentions.

    After I walked out of the stall and around the corner, what do I see but this same woman with my bag on her shoulder, modeling it in front of the mirror! I gave her a look and she was clearly embarrassed, saying, "I hope you don't mind me trying it on". I am usually very vocal but as an employee I knew if I opened my mouth anything I said would be extremely rude, and she as a customer would most likely march into management and complain about MY attitude, when she was the one who clearly intruded on boundaries. And since it's a family owned gym with no set policies, the customers often take advantage of that, complaining about staff, programs, and creating drama.

    You would think she would have sensed my annoyance but nope, she followed me into the studio talking nonstop about the bag, asking where she could buy it, how much it cost, etc. I finally wrote down the brand and style and told her to look it up when she was in Paris (since she mentioned she would be traveling there on vacation the following week).

    I haven't seen her since, and wonder if she made the purchase or fainted at the price tag! :biggrin:
  11. These are probably the same people who think it's ok to go up to a pregnant woman and touch her stomach. :nono:
  12. It is just not proper etiquette to do such things unless it is a state of emergency and our lives depended on it.
  13. Usually when someone touches my bag, I jump cause instinctively I would think he/she is a pickpocket.
  14. I have seen that happen many times. Placing the expectant mother in an uncomfortable position. It's nice to be friendly but even nicer to have and apply manners in dealing with others. That seems to be an art form that has been lost regardless of where we are from, sad but true.
  15. I let my friend fondle my Kusama Papillon the other day, but we are friends and she loves LV too! Strangers are a whole other story....