Please do not hate me - just had to have it.

  1. I know I have been soooooooo over indulgent lately buying all these spys but I could not let this one get away - have just bought the Turquoise Hologram, if you look on eBay at item 120073685955, so please do not hate me:sad: it was such a good buy. I am not sure I am going to love it as usually do not by bright bags and have never owned a metallic one before, but hopefully I will. I am trying to get the Dark Green/Gold hologram but thats a lot darker bag. Anyway ladies what do you think?;)
  2. that's my dream spy! congrats! :yahoo: what a beauty! i know how much you wanted the green hologram. the turquoise hologram is my fave though! :greengrin:
  3. Congratulations - the bag is beautiful! I LOVE the color. If you see any other hologram spy bags out there, please let me know!
  4. Saich2 - I'm going to die of spy-envy soon! LOL! You can't keep doing this to us! Spare some for the Spy-starved, like me!!!
  5. Very pretty! I take it you are on a Spy kick??
  6. Wow you are on a roll. I seriously can't wait til they come in, so I can live spy-curious through you and pics of your gorgeous bags.
  7. Yes I have been on a spy kick for a few months now. No more though once I get the ones I have ordered.

    My friend Nizlay found this for me on eBay, no one would have found it as it did not have the word Fendi in the title. Like I said just hope I like it - a bit scared of bright colours although they do look stunning with black. Will post pictures as soon as it arrives which might be next week, unless it gets held up in customs.
  8. OMG Saich!! I haven't been around much but look at you! Going on a spy spree! :p CONGRATS on getting this gorgeous spy - you are one helluva lucky chica!

    I hope your bag goes through customs fast and good and gets to your hands safe and sound:yes: I'm dying for pics!
  9. woo hoo - another!

    Gosh you need to change your name on this forum!
    Well done - looks gorgeous - cant wait to see the pics IRL and this should keep you going until the green comes!!
  10. you will LOVE this bag.. i have it... and belive me its not light IRL.. its actually quite dark. its SUPER HOT THOUGH!! OCNGRATS

  11. Thanks everyone your best wishes are so good:heart:

    Baby Boo is it really dark, oooooooooo I do hope so. get frighten if bags are to "in your face" so to speak.
  12. That spy is sooo beautiful! Your spy-collection is getting more and more amazing.:nuts: I have to say that you have excellent taste!
  13. Can I hate u? sobs~ it's one of my favourites. Is anyone else selling it? sobs sobs sobs
  14. Oh wow!! :yahoo: Saich, you can't keep out-doing yourself like this, it's making me love Spies even more!!! Congrats sweetie, I can't wait to see your updated Spy family pic!!:love:
  15. Hate you!? LMAO, ya gotta be kiddin' me! Anywho, that's a beauty of a bag and the price ain't bad. Get all the spys ya can! They're so addictive. I totally understand the fetish. I've never purchased two of the same bag before the spy either...and I still want more!

    Congrats on your new baby!