Please do a virus scan

  1. Hi all,

    for the last 10 minutes I've been getting alerts about a virus on my computer if your virus scan is not up to date please do a scan now it looks as if something is going around
  2. YUP! me too!
    Just a minute ago my anti virus informed me that a virus got in
    and automatically deleted it.
  3. Whatever it is, it ain't coming from tPF... :Push:
  4. I've gotten the same alerts =O
  5. yeah me too
  6. I'm getting them too.
  7. What's the alert?
  8. virus called downloader or something like that :sad:
  9. Me too
  10. virus scan just caught something, and my only internet window open was tpf...I think itd be best if everyone just ran a virus scan just in case!! :yes:
  11. I got an alert about a trojan virus of some sort that was cleaned (Sunday 10/08) :cursing: . No, nothing pertaining to tPF. I've got McAfee. I'll post more if I get specifics.
  12. i keep getting it, it says it high risk, tried to quarantine it and delete but it shows up again!!!
  13. Me too..I keep getting it too..I don't have any other window open..
  14. I just got one myself. This is odd.
  15. Me too, just trying to get rid of it now, everything's running really slow too.