Please describe the coach color vermillion & post pic's if you can.

  1. Hey guys ,

    My favorite color is orange & i think the vermillion is a similar color. I'm think of buying a signature tote stripe in vermillion around july/august.

    may someone describe this color to me ?

    has anyone seen this color in person ?

    does any one have coach items in this color ? if so,
    can you please post them for me under some good lighting?

    Your Fan,
    Cha Cha
  2. It's definitely orange. A very rich orange.
  3. It's a very reddy-orange that I think is supposed to be the "Coach" red/orange.
  4. I say orange. Some of the names of the colors sound very exotic.
  5. i've since sold it, so this is the only picture i have of the vermillion umbrella. but you can see how orange it is.

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  9. here's a pic from one of the last year styles so you can see the stripe. it's a really pretty deep reddish orange. orange is my fav color too and I think this is great!


    the new one is the same color, but it's the newer style sig stripe where the straps go all the way down.
  10. I was in a Coach boutique yesterday and the SA who came over to help me wound up telling me that she is actually from corporate and was there helping out because this particular store was just remodeled and reopened. Anyway, there was a Hamptons stripe satchel in a case-the one with that gorgeous deep rich red stripe. I told her I would love to see that color used more often. She told me that was VERMILLION. I said ARE you sure that's what it's called? She said OH YES! Inside my head I could hear bells and whistles screaming "no, No, NO,NO NO!" but I kept my mouth shut. T'wasn't Easy, let me tell you! She was very cool and we had a really nice chat about the Fall bags so I was able to forgive her lack of color knowledge! ;)
  11. Remember the bow skinny scarf? It's the really skinny ponytail scarf with the removable bow. I have it in the red color and on the tag it said vermillion. So vermillion is really a red color.
  12. that color on that scarf isn't the same color as what's on the bag. I'm not sure why they called them both vermillion

    vermillion is a deep orangey red

  13. thanks for this link , i shall be visiting this page daily until my vermillion is in my hands (july/august). :smile: