Please decide for me.......

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  1. ONE LAST TIME!!! :yes:ok....a few days ago I asked opinions for the Thompson hobo and suede Ali....Thompson won... now I have decided between Thompson hobo and large Ergo patent hobo. I know they are completely different and I wish I could get both but I can only buy one. Which should I get and why? PLEASE HELP~ LOL..... what the majority decides is what I'm going with!! TIA!!!:tup:

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  2. Thompson hobo!!! way more unique
  3. Can the Thompson hobo still be bought?
  4. They are completely different. I guess you should ask yourself if you "need" a white bag or patent? I personally like the ergo better but I'm a huge ergo lover.
  5. thompson hobo! ergo is everywhere
  6. Ergo, really cute, light weight and versitale. I think the thompson is pretty, but really huge, very flat and very heavy. I like the way it looks, but would be hard to put much in because it's flat, but things always tend to fall to the bottom.
  7. I say ergo bag because the white bag is so seasonal for me. I wouldn't use the white bag nearing as much as I would the black patent. Go with the ergo.
  8. ERGO gets my vote:tup:
  9. I have that ergo and I :heart: it!
  10. ergo :tup: it's a bit big for my taste but I still like it better..
    PS Get a bag already! :graucho: :P
  11. LOL...Fields, you know me too well. LOL....:yes:

  12. on ebay...
  13. ok....6 votes for Ergo and 2 votes for Thompson....keep them coming....this is SO helpful!!:yes:
  14. I vote Hobo.
  15. I own 2 of the Ergo Hobos (Mahogany and Red) and one Thompson Floral Hobo in Vachetta and one Thompson Juliette. They are all great bags but the Juliette is most expensive but also my favorite!
    I would get a Thompson but a different color then your photo.